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Efteling ~ World of Wonders


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This is all so great! Well done! How could I just now come across this? I'm lucky to live only 1.5h from the park and to have been invited to a private full-day+night event at the park 2-3 years ago. It's awesome and has such a large large footprint, with still so much more room for expansion, especially since the project of land usage on the northern end was approved a few years ago


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A Wicked Good Spin...

Guests wind into a path that simulates heading into the witch’s hut, where we encounter her brewing and casting spells together with her majestic talking cauldron. The cauldron’s inside glows eerily green and a mysterious mist emerges from it. From time to time, a small blast of light comes out and the witch will invite Guests to step inside her cauldron as part of her newest potion brewing experiment. For her last ingredient she needs humans who feel love. That’s why often times she’ll threateningly points at Guests while the cauldron grumbles. At other stations in the queue, they’ll be invited to cast spells or test their witch knowledge in interactive games, where they can brew potions of their own, find the hidden black cat along the route or light the way for a witch on her broom. They are then slowly led to the cauldron room, which is bricked in with large stone walls around it. In the room giant statues of ancient witches hold up the ceiling and torches are lit on the walls. Piles or rather towers of cauldrons are spread across the room. Guests will be boarding their very own cauldron very soon from this point.

‘’There once was a wicked old witch that had a magical talking cauldron. Or...well, talk... Rather, grumble was what the cauldron did. He did very much have a reason to grumble though as the witch treated the cauldron with little respect. Often times she snubbed at the cauldron or she blamed him for if a potion or brew had failed. If the witch would then again throw her ingredients into the cauldron, he already began to boil and heave a sigh... 'O, o, it's happening again... What kind of stink soup will she make of me again now... O, no! She's not adding those nasty toad legs, right? Of course, she is... Bleh!' The witch believed it to be cozy such a grumpy cauldron in her house. On one sunny spring day she had found a recipe in one of her old spell books, for a love potion. 'Hihihahaaa! This is funny,' the witch laughed. The cauldron felt the dark clouds ahead. That laugh he had known too well by now. 'Here we go again,' he sighed. Not much later the witch lit the fire under the cauldron again. After that she threw in some rat tales, snake slime and a bunch of other nasty things. It didn't take much longer until the love potion begain to simmer. It looked like a thick, poison ivy green soup. For the witch it appeared extremely delicious. She scooped up quite a jug full and drank it whole in one gulp. 'Mmm, delicious,' said the witch. 'Now I'm curious to see if it will work.' She waited and waited, but after 15 minutes and she still hadn’t felt anything, she became extremely angry. 'What a worthless recipe!' yelled the witch. 'That stuff doesn't work!' 'O,o' said the cauldron, 'then I will have to pay for it again probably.' And of course, the witch turned so angry that she kicked the cauldron over with one powerful kick.

The love potion spilled all over the floor, out of the door. And because the witch's hut was on top of a hill, the green soup descended down the side like a poison green runlet. Two toads who said there each took a sip. Immediately they started kissing one another. Two snails were compeletely flooded by the potion. In a heartfelt embrace they nearly melted together as one. And everywhere the green stuff came, the most beautiful flowers grew from the ground. Bees and butterflies frolicked through the sky and birds began to chirp. The witch walked outside and she saw it all happening. ‘How useless,’ she grumbled as she followed the green stream down the hill. ‘I feel nothing!’ She grumbled as she reached the foot of the hill and walked into the woods. ‘Klipperdeeklipperdeeklap!’, it sounded all of a sudden. Perched atop a beautiful white horse, a handsome young prince was galloping towards the witch, followed by a servant. The prince wore a white velvet cloak and had long dark hair. As he neared her, she saw how handsome his face was. The riders stopped and the prince, who did not know who the witch was, politely said, ‘Good day, my lady. Isn’t it a lovely spring day?’ The witch did not reply. She had completely lost it. With a red-ish blush on her cheeks, she stared silently at the prince. And what was very special, was the fact that her black dress had magically turned fiery red. ‘Well, we’ll be on our way again,’ said the prince when he realized that the old woman was not going to say anything. ‘Blessed day, my lady.’ The servant and him gave their horses orders to ride away, stared after by the witch in her red dress. She had become madly in love with the prince. And as soon as he was out of sight, she spontaneously started to skip around! As a freshly born lamb, she frolicked over the green moss. With that, she sang a love song: ‘How dearly does the spring sun shine, on my red hat. I saw the prince and now I don’t know, where I have to look for it!’

The days after, the life of the witch’s cauldron turned a lot more pleasant. There was no more snobbing or grumbling. No, the witch was now really the joyful energy in the house. That took about a week or so, until she turned extremely sad. She stared out of her window and sighed, ‘O, how I’d love to marry that handsome prince. Oh well, such a prince would not wait for such an old lady like me.’ The cauldron felt sorry for the witch and said, ‘That prince should actually drink some of that potion too…’ The witch looked up and a smile appeared on her face. ‘Dear cauldron of mine, you are amazing!’, she shouted and she kissed him spontaneously on his edge. ‘Yikes’, said the cauldron, but the witch couldn’t hear him anymore. She snatched her old recipe book of the shelve and ran down the slope, in the direction of the royal palace. Once at the castle, the servant asked if she maybe could work in the castle kitchens. ‘By chance, we actually have a job free for you,’ said the servant as he took her to the kitchen. ‘Can you cook well?’ ‘I’m the best, you might say!’ the witch replied. ‘I have about a 100 years of experience, you know!’ ‘That’s quite long’, said the other confusedly. ‘We are immediately given you a chance. What’s on the menu?’ ‘I wanted to start of with some delicious green soup,’ said the witch. That night, the witch brewed her love potion in the castle kitchens. But the prince looked disgustingly at what he got served. ‘That looks gross!’ he yelled shocked. ‘Who made this?’ ‘The old woman from the woods, your Majesty,’ the servant replied. ‘Oh, not that shy woman with that funny red hat perched on her head?’ the prince laughed. ‘Oh, she is so shy, it’s cute. Bring her here.’ Not much later, the witch stood eye-to-eye with the man of her dreams. She fell in love even more than she did the first time. ‘Dear cook’, said the prince, ‘what is this dish actually?’ The witch said nothing. ‘I don’t think it smells nice,’ said the prince. The witch said nothing. ‘You know what?’ the prince continued, who felt sympathy for the shy woman. ‘To do you a favor, I will try a little.’ The witch again said nothing, but her eyes started to sparkle.

Would he do it? Yes, he would. He slurped a little sip. Quickly he wiped off his mouth and said: ‘I’m sorry, but cooking is not your strongest talent. We will look for another job for you. Follow me, please.’ The witch was dancing in the clouds… She walked next to her prince charming through the hallways of a castle! Oh, how beautiful he was. They reached the courtyard, where a young girl with blonde curls was herding geese. She smiled at the prince. He immediately stopped and his face became fiery red. The witch saw how he stared at the young goose herder. She also saw how his white clothes changed color. They turned into the same red as had happened with the witch. Although? She looked at her dress and was shocked. It was as black as it was before she drank the potion! Then she felt everything change inside her as well. ‘Don’t just stand there staring at that maid so stupidly’, she snapped at the prince. ‘You’re such an idiot! I don’t understand how I ever fell for you!’ But the prince couldn’t even hear her anymore. He only had eyes for the goose herder. Angrily, the witch walked away, out of the castle gates, back home. The love potion had stopped working. ‘O,o’, said the cauldron, who saw the witch walking back in the distance. ‘From the black dress I can tell that the fun is over.’ And so it was. From that day, the cauldron often had to pay for it again. For the prince it all turned out differently. He lived happily ever after with the goose herder, who was now a real princess.’’

The track holds up to a total of 16 cars with space for four Guests (two rows of two), of which only twelve drive at the same time. Two people start forward, two backward. At a certain point on the route, the carriages start to rotate. The cauldrons are not shot down horizontally or pulled up with a classic lift hill, but are brought to a height of around 17m with a vertical elevator, dressed as a fireplace on which the cauldron is heated. The fire will then turn ominously green as the cauldron is lifted into the air and we hear mysterious witch chants. Once we reach the top, the cauldrons are tilted forward so that the lift rail has contact with the main line and the wagons can enter the first drop directly, on which the entire vehicle is photographed by two different cameras at the front and rear. The cauldron drives through a large S-curve through the middle of the Witch town on the left side and then races down a steep and deep descent and thus picks up a little speed.
Within Witch Town, Guests would witness among other things, blowing black cats and loud screeching ravens, but the space is mainly inhabited by witches; playing cards at the table, casting spells at one another, brewing potions or sitting on a flying broomstick, bat or pig. Then it goes over the camelback, a high airtime hill with an intense feeling of weightlessness. The turning mechanism is only released shortly before the beginning of the coming driving element. Then the unpredictable rotation of the vehicle on its own axis starts. Now, they drive through the so-called mouse curves. In the curves that are bent over 180 degrees, Guests will be pushed outwards and you will have the feeling of being carried out of the track. These impulses increase the torque of the vehicles again. We then witness a figure of witch wearing a green dress and a red hat. She raises her arms and fire emerges behind her. Then the cauldron goes down a helix right in the center of the tree, a spiral 360 degrees curve around the central root. Here you have a wonderful view of the whole of the Witch Town, if you even still have the overview after all that rotating…
After the many curves, you will experience so-called bunny hops. These are flat airtime hills that give you several short moments of weightlessness. The second bunny hop is unexpectedly deeper than the first and thus provides another special surprise as a witch laughs when she flies by on her broom and nearly crashes into us. The cauldron then drives towards the vertical lift again. However, the vehicle changes its direction through an Immelmann turn, an almost vertical 180 degree curve. Here you are laying across in the air. The spinning coaster will then drive into the longer dark area of the attraction. Here the turning mechanism of the vehicles are locked again. In the middle of the dark, the vehicles suddenly stop and are tilted to the side with a folding rail, where we see the witch taking her potion, but finding out that it has failed. She angrily turns at the Guests. They are then released again until they come to a halt and are tilted forward by a seesaw rail. The witch sits tumbled in her own talking cauldron, dazed and confused. Seems like her anger got the worst out of her… They are then turning freely again before they are locked again. The final driving element is a free-fall rail. The vehicle sags vertically downwards again and you experience a final tingling sensation in your stomach (while hearing the witch’s laugh in the background) before our cauldron reaches the station again.
Located nearby is a windmill covered in thorn thickets and ivy. Witch’s cauldrons hang on the wicks of the windmill. Inside we find ‘De Heksenkelder’, a dark, shabby pub and inn for witches, located near a small stream and surrounded by a few willow trees. It offers great, yet strange food and drink options including enchanted tapas, small dishes that are both familiar as wickedly weird(some dishes will boil, mist will be emerging from others and is that, no, it can’t be right?). Additionally Guests will be able to try different witch brews and potions in the form of signature drinks that glow in various colors and will be both alcoholic as non-alcoholic. These will be prepared behind a large bar above which a moving ram’s head hangs on the wall. On the main floor, the inn has a bar and a large dining room. On the upper floor a wooden deck looks down over the restaurant.
In the restaurant we find tricks like a talking mirror and windows that change view of other locations in the park. The pub serves as a gathering place to the wickedest witches of witch territory. The inn is owned by Madam Grobelia, the cozy witch who apparently crashed her broomstick into a tree in the Fairy Tale Forest, but then got launched into Tough Realm, where she started an inn to get money for a new broom. She grew to love the inn and decided she wouldn’t need a broom. She is accompanied by Samson the black cat with red eyes, who sleeps at the large fireplace which sits in the centre of the restaurant. A large enchanted portrait comes to life above the fireplace activating several magical effects around the restaurant, even making the fire in the fireplace dance! Guests will be surprised to meet some of the park’s most famed witches roaming around the restaurant...


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Surprise! This extra post will reveal something that I wanted to save for somewhere in the project, the addition of an extra realm to the park(which btw will not be the only new realm to this version of the park). Hope you'll enjoy!
Hurtle up and down aboard a cursed construction lift...

With our visit to Heksenketel and Heksenkelder, we conclude our tour of Tough Realm, for now at least… From here we travel towards ‘De Siervijver’ (The Ornamental Pond), a large water feature on the east side of the Efteling Park. Attractions and hiking trails are located around the pond, in the middle an inaccessible island. It is covered with trees and shrubs and is home to waterfowl that live in the pond. A waterfall has been built of natural stone on the west side. Although normally, we find little excitement adjacent to Symbolica, next to Tough Realm, I would like to surprise you all with a completely new Realm for the Efteling Park, which will find its entrance on this space. This area stretches from the former location of D’oude Tuffers to the strip of land next to the Efteling Hotel and will be known as ‘Het Vergeten Rijk’ (The Forgotten Realm). This future expansion of the park is an area dedicated to stories, legends and myths related to the theme of being forgotten, lost or mysteriously disappeared. Just as every other area in the park, it offers a collection of loose stories under a branched theme. However, something that is quite interesting to this area is the fact that most of its attractions find its origins in Dutch folklore.
With its living drifting sand, De Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a unique nature reserve, both in the Dutch province of Brabant, as well as the whole of Europe, which is rightly cherished in 2020. At the same time, there is something ironic about this. The dunes are also the remnants of an environmental disaster that took place in the Late Middle Ages. The consequences of this were also experienced at the time by the residents of Westloon, forerunner of today’s Loon op Zand. When a group of archaeologists in Loon op Zand (municipality that also includes Kaatsheuvel) excavated on a meadow in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen in the 1950s, they came across a gruesome find: human bones were found under the sand. Now it was this meadow where the former village of Westloon was located, but the archaeologists had expected that the skeletons moved with them when the populations left the village in 1391. Then the Westloners founded the Southwestern Westloon op ‘t Zand a few hundred meters away, later corrupted into Loon op Zand. They built a new church here, but the counts of Westloon did not move to this church. In fact, the old church of Westloon remained standing for centuries…
The big question is whether the drifting sand was the reason why the inhabitants of Westloon fled their village. The legend of the ‘Ses Boogscheuten Weeghs’ says so. Threatened by the drifting sand, the Westloners would have fired six arrows to determine where their new church, that of present Loon op Zand should be built. However, the legend does not reveal anything about the fact that the Westloners did indeed go into combat with the drifting sand. The dune, which is now located on the far side of the meadow, is the wall that the Westloners erected at the time to protect their village against the drifting sand. There were more such ramparts in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, they were often planted with oaks. Now in terms of the Efteling, this is how their story developed.
Westloon is the predecessor of the village of Loon op Zand, but it was west of where Loon op Zand is now. This was a hamlet or village and at some point it completely disappeared from the map and probably completely submerged in shifting sand, but mysteriously little can be found about how that hamlet of Westloon actually disappeared. In that hamlet there was a church, the church of Saint Willibrord, which overshadowed the entire village. Guests arrive at an area that has been themed into a dune area, similar in style to the nearby Loonse and Drunense Duinen. Here we see a lot of shifting sand with high drifting dunes and pine trees. And what happens to be going on here? The Efteling would like to build an attraction here in this area. While they are digging and making way for the attraction, they come across the church of Westloon under the drifting sand. We as visitors have no choice but to move towards the protruding church tower standing tall at 183 feet.
Here we see that the church tower is still half hidden under the shifting sand and we are actually looking at the back of the church, so let's say the nave of the church. Further on is the church tower itself. The sand has definitely taken its toll on the church as can be seen by the cracked walls and shattered windows – suggesting a tortured past. It is an old church from 1269, styled in early Gothic features and quite austere. As a reference, you can think of some tougher and more robust churches that can be found in Brabant, such as the one in Oosterhout, but on the other hand it is very dilapidated after all the hundreds of years under the shifting sand. The building itself is still somewhat covered in sand. It turns out that archaeological excavations are underway in preparation for the new Efteling attraction and to everyone's surprise, the village of Westloon has come up with it. This is where the meandering towards the church begins and in that meandering that runs there, you can see that hard work is being done to uncover the remains of the old village of Westloon. So here you see some explicit storytelling and there are some ruins popping up everywhere among the dune landscape. Archaeologists are at it, we're seeing some map material and some deposits, so it looks like real hard work is being done to excavate that village that has so weirdly disappeared.
We are lucky because we can go and have a look inside the church. So through double doors, we enter the nave of the church. Inside we see that it is still partly covered in drifting sand on the inside, with whole piles of sand scattered around the room, causing us to be on about half the height of what the church would normally be. There is a very strange atmosphere in that church. Here, you walk over the sand on wooden planks through this very dusty and very musty hall. There are some work lights here and there that pulse slightly. The stained glass windows are cracked, some religious artifacts can be found among the piles of sand and there are countless cobwebs. Here and there are still some archaeologists and historians who are busy with research. As we wait here, we can already feel some mysterious wind now and then, the lights flicker a little dimly and if you listen very carefully you can hear some ominous cries that want us to turn around from the church.
However, we do not care about this and continue with our visit in a pre-show room themed to a briefing room where Guests will be informed about their ascend. Lights dim and we are informed by a briefing video set up by the archeologists, revealing parts of the backstory about Westloon. They have given us the privilege of entering the tower of the church. They have now been able to remove the sand completely, so we are really looking into a deep well there. Scaffolding has been set up in that tower with a number of construction lifts, because the church must of course be examined, but first it must be cleared by means of those scaffolding. We as guests are allowed to go with those construction lifts to view the church tower from the inside. However, the video gets interrupted, a dread wind blows and the lights start to flicker on their own. Projection effects bring the room to uncanny life. Drifting sand dances on the walls and reveals the legend of Westloon as the backstory is told on the video. Near the end, faces are formed in the sand, presumably of the lost Westloners, who shout ‘Leave us Alone!’ and Guests are plunged into darkness.
Guests continue, fearfully into a maze of hallways on the construction site. The sounds of equipment constantly reverberate. Lights flicker under ghostly influence. At last the path leads to an elevator door. Dare we continue? We all take a seat inside one of the construction lifts and the stirrups close, reversing into darkness. At first there is nothing wrong; we just take the elevator up to see what beauty has been discovered in the church tower. Then suddenly an ominous wind picks up, the lighting starts flashing violently and then you notice that the construction elevator is snagging in front of a stained-glass window that cracks violently. A ghostly red smoke invades the tower, distorting Guests’ reflections into phantasmagorical otherworldly silhouettes. The elevator descends one floor, as the tower starts to rumble due to the heavy winds that howl within. A long hallway shakes – the elevator shakes too. Doors fall from their frames. Marble statues of angels holding up the ceiling both crumble in a projection mapping effect. Drifting sand floats inside and forms into the shape of ghostly figures that seem to pursue us. They all turn and face the riders, slowly and with substantial menace. The ghosts all thrust out their ghostly hands in accusation of crossing their church territory. Soon we hear some horrifying sounds and screams. And then we shoot up out of nowhere, we fall down and special effects happens around us, caused by the old residents of Westloon. Drops and ascents are randomized. The elevator falls faster than gravity, pulled downwards by powerful cables, as seen in Disney’s Tower of Terror attractions and Mission: Breakout!
Occassionally, randomly, the elevator will pause within the shaft for incredible brief show scenes such as crumbling walls, gusts of dust and sand flying around the tower or the ghostly faces appearing within the sand. The highlight of any drop sequence is the whole-tower drop. The elevator pauses at the tower’s highest point – a disintegrating wall reveals panoramic views of The Forgotten Realm. Then a faux-drop… then the elevator hurtles down. Fortunately, we eventually come to a stop again, but then again at the bottom of the church tower in a deep well. Guests all catch their breath as lights turn on. Guests exit via hallways formed of lath-and-plaster drywall interiors. On-ride photo display within a series of wall-mounted picture frames belonging to the archeological team can be seen next in a ‘temporary’ excavation tent. And just before we exit, we hear a few snippets of voices saying, ‘Leave us alone!’.


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Surprise! This extra post will reveal something that I wanted to save for somewhere in the project, the addition of an extra realm to the park(which btw will not be the only new realm to this version of the park).
Will some existing attractions be moved into those realms; depending on the theme; and will you be revealing the emblems of each realm when you get to them all? The Anderrijk, Reizerijk, and possibly the Ruigrijk would definitely need new emblems in this version.


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Will some existing attractions be moved into those realms; depending on the theme; and will you be revealing the emblems of each realm when you get to them all? The Anderrijk, Reizerijk, and possibly the Ruigrijk would definitely need new emblems in this version.
Het Vergeten Rijk will not be featuring attractions from elsewhere in the park, but instead filled with new original attraction concepts(though there may be some hints or easter eggs related to the rest of the park and its attractions). The other new realm will however be based on several existing attractions, next to which new attractions will also appear.

When it comes to the emblems, I'm still working on them actually so they'll be revealed later on.


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Set Sail on a Cursed Voyage in Search of Legends...

In another corner more to the north of Westloon lies a mysterious fishers village and farmland, characteristically known by its Zeeland-style in architecture. Here an attraction called ‘Vloekgolf’ (Curse Wave) will re-tell the legends of ‘Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe’ which originates on Dutch and Belgian territory in the Zeeuws Vlaanderen region. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe is one of the most important and largest salt marshes of the Netherlands. It’s location on the edge of the Westerschelde estuary means that salty water from the North Sea mixes with the salt marsh channels turning them brackisch. The further inward you go, the fresher the water becomes. Saeftinghe is special because of its size and its varied flora and fauna, but it also provides a good idea of the prehistoric Zeelandic landscape. It has mudflats, shallows and salt marshes crisscrossed with water channels, which is exactly how the Delta landscape was once formed. In the late Middle Ages, the Land of Saeftinghe was a thriving area.
In the 14th and 16th centuries, large areas of reclaimed land were lost to stormy seas and during the Eighty Years’ War, dikes were breached in order to protect the city of Antwerp. After that point in history, the area could rightfully be called The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe. Yet from the 17th Century onwards, the area was reclaimed from the sea again. Then in 1907, the last art of the drowned land was reclaimed creating the Duchess of Hedwig Polder bordering the south-eastern part of Saeftinghe . The theme is set in this 16th Century fishers village surrounded by a dock, forests and farmland during the Eighty Year War between Spain and The Netherlands. The village contains a dining option, the entrance to Vloekgolf and a gift shop. In this town a legend of Saeftinghe attributes the All Saint’s Flood of 1570 which happened on November 1, on the Dutch and German coast. Affected cities include Egmond, Bergen op Zoom and Saeftinghe. This caused the region to be cursed by the merman, and led to the flood that destroyed the towns of Sint, Laureins, Namen and Casuwele, killing all inhabitants. The legend holds that a tower bell calls for help from the sunken town another Saeftinghe legend holds the belief that visitors of the area and inhabitants of the nearby village of Emmadorp sometimes see ‘ghosts’ in the fog. According to the legend the ghosts are the spirits of the inhabitants of the three towns killed in the flood.

‘’The legend of The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe:

The land there on the Scheldt was clean and fertile. It contained many lovely villages, of which Saeftinghe, which had a castle and two churches, was by far the most important. The wealth of the inhabitants was great. But it had made them vain and proud, so vain and proud that they walked in silk. As if that wasn't enough, they also had their horses studded with silver horseshoes and the sidewalks in front of their houses were made of gold. Poor people, who came to ask for alms, chased them away with sticks and sent their dogs after them. That couldn't last; that was God to atone for vengeance. In all their wickedness, moreover, they were blind and deaf to the miraculous omens and to the threat of coming punishments. Once a fisherman caught a mermaid. Her merman swam behind the ship and he begged to get his wife back, but the skipper laughed at him and shouted all sorts of swear words at him. The merman became terribly angry about this and he cried out loudly: 'The Land of Saeftinghe will perish! Only the towers will remain!' The inhabitants, however, did not care about this menacing language, they continued their dalliance and did not even take the time to maintain the seawalls(dykes). One morning a maid came to draw water from the well, to her great surprise, sea fish were swimming in her field. This taught the poor girl that the waters of the sea had already seriously undermined the whole region. She had the good sense to leave the farm where she worked at once and so she was spared the coming disaster. On All Saints Day in the year 1570, the rich polders were inundated by a terrible tidal wave and Saeftinghe was swallowed by the sea with all the houses and the people who inhabited them. Only the towers rose above the water for some time, until they, too, sank into the waves. Sometimes, however, their bells can still be heard ringing for the warning of all of us.’’

When we arrive at the attraction we begin our journey by entering an old Dutch farm landscape in the year 1570. This is formed in meadows, some cows, some cute farms and a lot of ditches. Typical Dutch rowing boats sail in a number of these ditches and that is also the transport system of the attraction. The attraction takes place outdoors and indoors between the farm and the fishers village, where visitors will be in rowboats and will be led through a LED projected, water and wind effect-enhanced experience. The garden in front of the farm is filled with large boulders, espaliers, a vegetable garden and there are a cat and a dog laying around on the porch. The boarding station is located inside this peaceful farm, a bit like a typical farm/homestead, in this landscape. This homestead consists of a courtyard surrounded by farm buildings. This is therefore a nice place for an outdoor meandering. So you get in at the boarding station, which also looks like a farm on the inside with lots of wooden beams, hay and straw, and even some farm animals like chickens, pigs and goats. Here we get into our rowing boat and then you first sail a quiet bit through the various ditches in the polder landscape with a pollard willow here and there.
A farmer is standing in the meadow with a fork in his hand and he is shouting something in the flat local dialect. At a certain point we turn the corner here and then we actually disappear from view of what visitors can see from the front of the attraction and into an old fort, belonging to the town of Saeftinghe. A tower can be found in and along the fortress, the tower of Namen. As villagers we have been invited to go on a fishing trip. We are send off to sail towards the sea, where we eventually encounter a merman and a mermaid. We see how a ship is able to catch the latter. It is quite a fierce fight that causes the boats to split. The merman puts a curse on us for refusing to release the mermaid, pride and vain. Now the boats sail in a circle and we make our way to the first drop. The atmosphere soon becomes more ominous; the wind is blowing hard, you see dikes that are about to burst, the water is seeping through and people are standing in the water on wooden clogs with forks and spades who are gesturing and shouting violently.
We soon notice that something is not right here. The water begins to rise, and the current begins to speed up. It waves and it swirls in the ditches where we sit in our rowing boats. We go up and down and sometimes even get a bit wet. Finally, the dike suddenly breaks, which becomes the fantastic effect of this attraction, causing a huge tidal wave. This scene could be compared in scale to Catastrophe Canyon previously seen in Hollywood Studios Tram Tour and today in Cars Route 66 Roadtrip at Walt Disney Studios Parc Paris. Our boat is picked up and we are thrown into a barn. This is then the first significant drop of the attraction, making visitors soaking wet. Here we end up in a show building, hidden under the farmland where we were before. It's dark there; we are in the night. There is a strong icy wind blowing and suddenly it is a few hours later.
We sail through a completely flooded landscape. The water is high and we see the roofs of farms, of churches, and people who take shelter on the roofs. There is screaming, stuff floating around and even a cat bobbing around on a small wooden plank meows for help. People are panicking. Our rowing boat swirls in all directions and fills up with water every time. It's very stormy. During the cruise in the show building we make another splash. The mermaid is released here anyway by a girl living on the homestead, granting her survival from the terror ahead and a tidal wave brings us to a plain with gullies. Gradually as we sail towards the end of the show building, the water becomes calmer again and it also sinks a bit. We see the harbor again and just before leaving the boats, where the remains of the same village that once disappeared due to the flood are immediately shown. The sun slowly rises as we pass by a field where in the mist ghostly figures, presumably the spirits of the drowned inhabitants, wander and we sail into a barn again. Here is also the exit station of the attraction and from here the boats are hoisted up again and in this way we also return to the polder landscape where peace has returned.
This area immerses guests in to a legendary world with local lore in The Netherlands. The land features a mix of architectural styles known from the area, along with two giant ships as if right from the 16th Century, a restaurant and a fun water play area. At 'Meerminnendijk' (Mermaid's Dike) young Guests are invited to have fun with water. In the town we can enjoy the delights at ''T Zeeuwse Meisje' (The Zeelandic Girl). This delicate restaurant serves dishes that are characteristic for the Zeeland province in the southwest of The Netherlands. Here Guests will be able to try mussels prepared in their traditional way or salmon nuggets (including a vegetarian salmon nugget option). Besides that Guests can try an aspargus meal that traditionally consists of cooked asparagus with ham and egg but is also available in other variations, including vegan and vegetarian options. For dessert there's the option for great apple pie, a Zeeuwse bolus or boterbabbelaars. The restaurant itself is set on the edge of the town in a shack-like tavern set in what looks to be a farmer-like building. Here the Guests are invited in a Pieck-ish version of late medieval Zeeland. Inside we find hints to the legend of Saeftinghe and the sightings of mermaids in nearby waters. We especially learn about the girl that eventually survives and starts a restaurant of her own. Guests are now invited to enjoy these traditional dishes all while learning of the lore of the region. Lastly there will also be a gift shop that will be called 'De Vergulden Hoef' (The Gild Hoof). This is set inside a horse blacksmith barn in the farm side area of the attraction. The barn is set to be home to the blacksmith who helps the inhabitants to ceil their horses hooves with silver. It is also where Guests are now invited to explore the various corners of the building to find a perfect souvenir of the attraction and its theme, including some other more general merchandise items characteristic of the park.
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Something I realized on Spookslot; and this goes to the original too, the witch Visculamia cursed the gardener for capturing and turning her in, the three judges for their condemnation, and the viscount in revenge, but she seems to have forgotten about the executioner who burned her at the stake.


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Something I realized on Spookslot; and this goes to the original too, the witch Visculamia cursed the gardener for capturing and turning her in, the three judges for their condemnation, and the viscount in revenge, but she seems to have forgotten about the executioner who burned her at the stake.
Never really thought of the executioner. I guess because they are never mentioned within the story, but it could definitely be interesting to incorporate in some way or another.

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