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Edge on the Dream


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Hi All... Was hoping for some info here. We just returned from our cruise on the Dream. It was our first cruise and my daughter is an only child so I was worried about who she'd have to hang out with. She was in Vibe every night and if it wasn't for dinner I would have never seen her. They did super fun age appropriate activities and she had a blast. So, anyway, my sister and her family are leaving for theirs on Thursday. My niece is going to be 13 next month but when they cruise, she's 12 going on 35. She's very smart and not typically into things kids her own age are. She resents having to be with the younger kids and is sure she's not going to have any fun at all. I've talked to her about the great activities they came up with for the Vibe kids (probably not my best strategy) and told her that she's only going to have as good a time as she thinks she is so she needs to have an open mind, but I was wondering if any of you had kids that went into Edge and what kinds of activities they did with them. It would be a great help and put her mind at ease. Thanks so much, Have a Magical Day!!


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My kids weren't with me on the Dream, but I did tour Edge. It was a really great space. The kids all looked like they were having a great time. One of the walls had windows that you could see the Aquaduck riders on! :)

Disney does a great job of age appropriate activities. She'll be with kids 11-13 so there won't really be a lot of younger kids. There will be probably be plenty of 13 year olds.

I'd definitely recommend she go the first night. That's when they plan out their week and people make friends. Hopefully she'll give it a try!

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