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Arrived at the Philadelphia airport only to be delayed 2 hours. Won't arrive in Orlando until early tomorrow morning, but we will be in Disney !!! Plenty to come as we will be in WDW until Monday. Looking forward to staying at Wilderness Lodge! Our first time at WL for Thanksgiving


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I took this last night as we got to the lobby around 2:20. It was so quiet. We were the only ones there. I was almost tempted to get some great pictures with nobody else around, but there was no way I was doing that to the kids. Finally got to bed just after 3 this morning, and we were up just after 9:15. Thanksgiving dinner at Mickey's Backyard BBQ at noon, then off to Epcot. We have FP+ for 4 different attractions (when we were having difficulties online a few weeks back, the CM on the phone added a Soarin' FP when we had a gap because of the issues).

by coachwnh, on Flickr

But most of all, I hope everyone has a Magical and safe Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!


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Enjoy! I'm from philly and my friend was flying in from AZ for Turkey day. She didnt get in until 1 AM and was suppose to get in at 10 PM. Have a nice trip!

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