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News Early Theme Park Entry coming for resort guests


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I don’t necessarily hate morning extra magic hours. In fact, I usually got up when the park opens. I just felt like I got more time in the park when it was night extra magic hours. Not sure if they were ever more then an hour though.
Back in my day it used to be 3 hours ay night! When Mk closed at 10 the park was open until 1 am. It was amazing. After hours before the after hours!


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True, but I suppose its no different than before with Early Morning hours, you always have a the chance to miss part of your window. With proper planning though, I think this is a good compromise. Gives you more flexibility, less planning required but with less time.

Yeah, but it's a lot easier to make it there in an hour (or two hours) than it is in 30 minutes, and you're still getting a benefit if you're there for any of it because you can get in line etc. before the full crowds show up.


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My quick thoughts...

1. One hour (or even 45 minutes) would be way better than 30 minutes. 30 minutes works for getting a quick shot at one headliner probably, but not much else. A bit longer and could work out for 2 big rides.
2. I do like that it is every park every day so that adds flexibility (and perhaps spontaneity depending on FP+) to planning. Will help to spread out crowds.
3. That said, we're not really morning people in general. While we do some early mornings to beat the crowds, it's nice to have some later morning to relax and stay in the parks later. The loss of later EMH hurts that - we'd sometimes just hop to an evening EMH to experience that because the parks would tend to clear out by the end
4. The big key will be execution. That will determine how much of a true benefit it will be. Do they keep non-resort guests outside the gate? Do they let them in and keep them before the hub (how would that work for Epcot?) before the time letting resort guests into lands? Or can non-resort guests get in and get into lines with the target of getting right to the front of the line at "normal" opening?
5. How does this work for pre-opening dining? One of the things we loved was going in for breakfast before opening (on non morning EMH for a park), having the park be empty for photos, then after eating relatively quickly being able to get into lines right at the start of them opening.

Also, would it be safe to assume DVC would be included in this? I know they generally have, but I don't think Disney would be obligated to give DVC the same perks.
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As a morning person, I suppose this is good for me. However, we swear by the midday pool/nap break and then hitting up the parks until closing time. Hoping they push those back to a decent hour, but not banking on it.

Ooooh, that's a good point. How late with the parks be open? Without evening EMH, it would be nice to see some later closing times, but I think we all know/fear that the hours will still remain relatively early and they'll probably add more paid evening hours.

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