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Early Park Entry and Extra Hours


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Hi there

My sister and I will do a trip on 17 + 18 August. For do you have to book something special to get this ?(besides staying in a disney hotel .. we're at one)

When we were there for christmas we got our early passes on the lobby counter on the first day .. and on the second day we were laughed at (!) because this needs to be booked prior to arrival. So any advice ? :shrug:


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I'm just sticking my nose into this thread because I want to know the answer too!

I just got back from DLP and I am embarrassed how much I didn't know when I got there.

I hadn't planned on going - we were going to be in Paris but my husband isn't the biggest Disney fan so I wasn't going to bring it up. He surprised me and said "Let's go!" But I really wish I had done some research in advance.

I was one of those clueless people I usually make fun of!!!:ROFLOL:


You just need your Resort ID to get in for the EMHs and that's it - they are every day from 8 to 10am during that time. Even though dolby found out that he's gonna be there in October and not August :lol:


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