E.P.C.O.T. 1989 home video

Mark Dunne

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Great video, love Epcot! nice to see it back in the day, only 7 years after opening, but it does look dated now, i like the new style, just wish imagination was given the love it deserves, and yes ! a Proper figment with dream finder, bring that back , IMO that suit now is crazy,


That video was taken May 12, 1989 according to the caption. I checked my old ticket to see if I could be in the video, but I didn’t go to Epcot until June 1 that year. Missed it by 3 weeks!



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This brings back memories of Xennial childhood Disney vacations. Preparing by sunbathing to get a base tan (At age 9... with my parent's approval... different times. 😂) while reading the cooler than cool Baby-Sitter's Club Special, where they go to Disney. Planning our route with my siblings on our Disney map placemats (kids don't seem to do placemats anymore, for whatever reason). Packing your coolest scrunchies and jam or Umbro shorts. Then the big day came, and you were off to listen to Tomorrow's Child, experience Captain EO, and watch Totally Minnie!

Edit because dang it, Xennials and Zillennials are very different autocorrect!
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