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DVC Vero Beach Resort.


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So after my August trip to Disney with family, we went to Vero Beach and on the way to the hotel in Vero, I noticed a DVC Vero Beach Hotel (I can’t remember what it was called). I’m very curious: has anyone stayed there? If so, what is it like?


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I haven't stayed there, but it is a DVC property. Might get more responses on the DVC board.

Andrew M

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Disney's Vero Beach Resort is the name. We stayed there two years ago and it was great, we had an Ocean-View inn room, very spacious and comparable to a WDW Deluxe Resort room size. Very relaxing property with a beach and pool, an outdoor bar and quick-service counter as well as an indoor bar/grill and a table service restaurant.

We're going back in March before our WDW trip to relax and also because of it's proximity to Mets Spring Training in Port St. Lucie.
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