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Ducktales Remastered Soon To Be Delisted

Mr. Johnson

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Original Poster
Ducktales Remastered is soon to be removed from the XB360, PS3, Wii U, and Steam digital storefronts. Right now it has a 75% discount on all aforementioned platforms. Capcom has released a list of (aproximate) times when each version will be removed:
  • Wii U - August 9, 4:59pm PT/7:59pm ET
  • PlayStation 3 - August 9, 8am PT/11am ET
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility) - August 8, 5pm PT/8pm ET
  • Steam (PC) - August 8, 4:59pm PT/7:59 ET
It’s not yet announced if any other games made in the Disney-Capcom partnership such as the Marvel Vs. Capcom series or the Disney Afternoon Collection will be affected.

Paper straw fan

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The remastered version was really good- I don’t have a working PS3 at the moment but I might try and copy it over off the HD some time.

This is why I still kind of prefer getting a physical copy


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You can still re-download the game if you don't have it installed. You just can't buy it anymore.
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