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From what I have read yes you can and CBR has at least two stations in the food court. They are around $20 for the entire length of your stay.

The debate begins with if at CBR they are worth it as the distance to the food court can be quite lengthy.


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Yes, we got them during our stay because we knew the number of refills we would be doing would make it worth buying. They still do not hold a lot after putting ice in first so each fill up doesnt last long. As a tip.... bring a container of dish soap and scrub tool to wash them out well after use. It will make them more pleasant tasting if you are using it for both coffee and soda.


Are the refill stations open in the individual 'islands' again? It was really convenient before when they were placed in all the different sections. It made it a lot more 'worth' while to get the mugs there.

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