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Dream Resort???

Crush Dude!

Back from WDW!Counting down to DLP in November!
Hi Folks :wave:

So given the chance no questions asked where is your absolute Dream Resort at WDW???

And for those of you who have done the rounds, of all the resorts which would you most like to return to??


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I would say the Wilderness Lodge for me. The Contemporary with a MK in the main building is a close 2nd. AK is nice but not my thing. Poly doesn't look to exciting IMO. When I went to the Grand Floridian I felt like a servant and I didn't belong, I even made sure I dressed nice just to go visit there lol.

WL will be our first deluxe resort more then likely. We'll stay there when The parks start aging a little on me. Right now I'm still all about the parks so I don't care where I stay right now lol.
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On the lagoon at GF is hard to beat. So is the Seven Seas Lagoon side of the Contemporary tower.

But Wilderness Lodge is where we've spent the most time and we love it a lot!

Would love to try Magic Kingdom view of Bay Lake Tower sometime.
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Active Member
Definitely the Grand Floridian. Ever since my mother brought me there for tea when I was little, I have been dying to stay there. I doubt it will ever happen for price, but I still visit it every trip.
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The nice hotel loving adult in me would love to stay at the GF, but the kid in me still screams for a few nights in an MK facing room in the Contemporary tower. I really loved staying in the Garden Wing, but soooooo want to stay in the tower. We were thinking about taking a super fast trip to WDW in mid-September 2012 and I was going to splurge on the room, but it looks like my cousin's wedding is going to make this impossible. :(

Of course I also have a dream resort for the kids...We stayed at WL last year and my brother stayed at AKL in a savannah view room on that same trip. I was torn between the two when booking and while I liked WL- I think I liked AKL a bit more. I'm thinking AKL will win out on our next big trip to WDW...especially since I'm hoping we will have moved past the SUV sized stroller at this point. :lol:
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If cost were no issue, I would love to stay at the Polynesian with a Magic Kingdom view. I love the feel of the the poly- tropical but very Disney.

My second choice is the Contemporary. I love the fact that you can walk to the magic Kingdom!
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Does this count the Cinderella Castle Suite?? Because if so, that would by far be a dream!!!

Otherwise, I would say the biggest room at the Poly with a MK view and personal golf cart to get around in. Champagne waiting in room wouldnt' hurt either ;)
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Favorite resort we've stayed in: the Boardwalk.

Dream resort we'd love to stay in: a split-stay (is that cheating??) between the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian...both MK views, of course. Yep, we'll keep dreaming. :lol: :cry:
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I really haven't been to many resorts, but from what I've heard I think I would really enjoy AKL or WL. I'd love to stay at GF, but I'm not sure it's our style. Maybe Boardwalk also>

The one resort I'm really obsessed with right now is the Grand Californian. I was reading articles about it and it seemed to amazing. I love that you're right in the park. I made DH promise that when we eventually get to DL we will stay there. it's more easy to swing thana Deluxe at WDW since we'll likely only be there for a few nights.
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New Member
I would say Grand Floridian. Ever since I was little I thought it would be so amazing to stay so close to the Magic Kingdom and just the look of it was something I loved.
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Beach Club - I will be staying there in 39 days and I can't believe it. Never thought I would get to stay there. :)

I feel the same way about the Contemporary. Which we are going to.

Also, if my math is correct, you will be staying at the Beach Club over New Years?

Which means we're both staying at our dream resorts for New Years. Cheers to that! :xmas:
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