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Downtown Disney music loop GONE? Disney Springs music loop LIVE??? Plus Earls update.

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Was at the soon to be defunct DTD this afternoon.

Gone are the traditional Disney toons, Disney Mania tracks, Disney Broadway Musical numbers, Disney Channel Movie songs......

The entire loop seems to have been wiped for a new set of freshly produced instrumental songs. They are Disney songs. Some clearly distinguishable. Some I could not tell what they were until they were more than a minute in.

Not judging if it is a good or bad change, yet. It was strange strolling along and not singing along with all the songs.

Oh, and Earl has new pop dispensers! 2 machines. Automatic ice loading. Wonderful change and makes it far better to navigate the shop.


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I think this soundtrack is better. It feels just like a small escape from the wild Disney World while still feeling Disney. It also just gives Disney Springs/ Downtown Disney a more realistic feel and less toony.
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