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Doubletree Disney Springs or SSR?


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We have usually stayed at SSR and love it. However, we could save 600.00 if we stayed at Doubletree DS instead. We love the proximity to DS, which is why we are looking here instead of SSR, and we are planning a trip to Germany to visit family summer of 2022, which is why saving money is tempting. Anyone stayed here recently? I have read Tripadvisor reviews that say the hotel is worn. Just looking for more perspectives. Thanks!


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I can't speak to staying at DoubleTree, but if you're looking for convenience to Disney Springs make sure you check a map. We've stayed at the B Resort next door and the Best Western across the street. The DoubleTree is the farthest hotel from DS on Hotel Plaza Blvd. Most buildings at SSR are closer than that.

We typically request the 8000-numbered buildings in Grandstand at SSR, which are a quick walk to the West Side. (Though apparently during Covid they have the walkway to West Side blocked off because there isn't a temperature check station. They make people go to the Marketplace side)


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