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I just watched Titan AE for the first time last night, and I realized that I missed Bluth’s style of animation in the current CGI heavy world. Yes, the movie also used CGI (some instances worked much better than others), but there was still the traditional 2D art in there as well.

I grew up in the early 90s with babysitters renting Bluth tapes to offset the Disney my sister and I were watching constantly, and I was always able to notice the difference in tone. Land Before Time and American Tail weren’t afraid to get dark (and I think they matched the tone of some of the films Disney was coming out with at the same time). Anastasia was on the ‘don’t watch list’ because of the content matter, though that didn’t stop me from getting an Anastasia doll for my birthday one year.

I was trying to come up with a spiritual successor to Bluth’s films, and I think the closest I’ve found is Pixar. Thoughts?


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The point you made about Pixar being a spiritual successor to the films by Don Bluth makes a lot of sense, considering that both of their movies are often character-driven films that are heavily fueled by emotion, thus making a lot of audiences cry while watching them. Fittingly enough, both of them have also had their creative slumps: Pixar for relying too much on sequels and followups (Cars 2 and Monsters University) as well as some certain original films having troubled productions (Brave and The Good Dinosaur); and Don Bluth for making extremely childish movies (A Troll in Central Park and The Pebble and the Penguin) to meet the demands of the studios he worked for at the time.

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