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Doesn't look good...


Who opened Pandora's Box?
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I've been watching the weather, I'm in the World from 28 September through 10 October. The long range forecast is showing high probability of rain 26 September and 5-7 October. The remaining days look to be standard "Afternoon T-Storms" that are always in the forecast.

Doesn't bode well for my MNSSHP on the 6th, but other than that, it'll thin the crowds a bit. Poncho and soggy shoes... No worries. :cool:


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That's one possible computer model scenario and it's far out in time...but I'm keeping an eye on it since I would be flying out of MCO on the 7th.
I am watching the storm closely as well. We fly down on Sunday Oct 9th from Iowa.
I contacted Disney today and was told the risk to their parks and hotels is minimal. I was told the weather for Sunday only shows 10 mph winds and 10% chance for rain. It would have crushed my 4 and 2 year old if we had to cancel. 1st timers!


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first i'd like to give my best to everyone in florida, georgia, & the carolinas who'll be affected by the storm. i hope everyone will be ok.
my question is does anyone know if I-95 south will be closed this weekend yet? we're driving down from NJ. i haven't had the chance to search the latest news online. i'll be looking for an alternate route in case.
thanks all, & good luck.