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Does the singer in Voyage of the Little Mermaid lipsynch?


Hi! My family is in an argument about this! Any answers?
She's pretty good, but every time I've seen the show, it's exactly the same. Timing, inflections, and never a stumble or cough, or anything amiss. The whole show I believe is a lip-synch, after all, you don't think someone is backstage voicing king triton or Ursula do you? If you're going to use pre recorded movie sounds, it's easier just to do the whole thing than mix live and prerecorded stuff.
Plus, not only would they have to find a talented actor to play Ariel, they would have to find one that sounds the same as her.

We expect our singers to sound a certain way. Just look at the macy's parade... So many of them lip synch (often badly!) but if they sang live with all the noise and distractions, it wouldn't sound like them. So in order to make it sound right, the fake it. Weird, huh?


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I've always wondered this myself. It always sounds a little too perfect. Last summer I got an Ariel who had some sort of allergy attack on stage. She kept sneezing but unfortunately none of it was when she was singing so I wasn't able to find out for sure.


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Ariel does her own singing live at Voyage. As do Belle and Gaston in Beauty & the Beast. All other voices are prerecorded.
It's most apparent that she's live just after her transformation at the end. She's speaking live, but Eric (with his back to the audience) is recorded. They don't sound close to the same quality.

Live singers was one of the big reasons the Hunchback show was closed. It had at least 8 live singers in the show, which is a lot more expensive than 1 or 2 at the other stage shows at the Studios.



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how many performers, Ariels, do they have? We watch all the time and wonder. All look and sound alike. In the end, the answer may ruin the show. We choose to believe it's live.


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If you see the show often enough, you can definitely tell the differences in voices. I've had some Ariels (and Belles, for that matter) who were much better than others.

<i>She sings the songs herself. These are very talented members of the college program who major in drama and theatre. A few Broadway performers have started their careers as Ariel. The ladies really do sing. </i>

Not Ariel, but the first Belle, Stephanie J. Block, has worked fairly consistently on the Broadway stage.
I second the "she sings live" as I was there for a performance where she made a couple of pitch mistakes. In her defense, I believe she had a cold that day.


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there is only 1 ariel in all of disneyworld and she sings everything on her own :d
good answer beyondyou! I am taking an educated guess, but i know that you are or were a cast member! Right?

That answer is awfully familiar to the one posed in traditions regarding mickey mouse. And we all know that there is only 1 mickey mouse!(as with other characters, too!)


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a good 90% of the audio for shows at disney are prerecorded and lip synced
Well, all of the music is obviously pre-recorded.

Nemo's individual characters are live, as are the 4 leads in Festival of the Lion King, but chorus is recorded. As mentioned before, Belle and Gaston are live but everyone else is recorded. It's been quite a while, but some of the older Castle stage show had a couple performers that used hand-held mics for speaking parts but they lip-synced any singing.

The actress playing Ariel sings live. If you see the shows frequently (or know your Little Mermaid music well), you can tell the differences in vocal ability and style between the actresses. Some are much better than others. A good close-up photograph will also show the mic on her forehead. All the other music and dialogue is recorded.

I love VotLM. Second favorite show only to FotLK.


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Ariel does her own singing live at Voyage. As do Belle and Gaston in Beauty & the Beast. All other voices are prerecorded.
And I'd assume there is a pre-recorded backup track if the performer has vocal problems that day?


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I would think that it would be live. I haven't seen the show but like twice and they were each between trips of each other, but it makes more sense for her part to be live regardless if Ursala and Trident parts aren't.
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