Does Disney still send the welcome booklet...


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...after you make your resort reservation? I used to get so excited to receive my booklet with all of the information and dates for dining, fast pass, etc, but I booked about 7 weeks ago and haven’t received a thing. Just curious, have they done away with that or something?

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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We didn't get that when we booked recently (we leave in a couple of days), BUT we booked very late, and we booked through an agent. So, hard to say. Maybe it depends how far out you book and how you book. We got our Magic Bands, ME tags, party tickets, but that's it.


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We have a trip this November at AKL that we did not get one for.....But a trip to CCV in April that we did..

and we booked both DVC 11 months out


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I have always gotten mine a few weeks after booking. I booked a September in April got it a few weeks later and booked November at the end of September and got it a several weeks ago. It seemed like it came quicker but maybe it was because we had only been back a few weeks when we booked again.


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I've always gotten them a month or so after booking the trip. But I haven't received anything for our stays at CBR and AKL for our April trip next year. And it's our first time actually staying there so I was disappointed not to receive one. And I have to make our ADRs in a few days so it was sad not to get the important dates.


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I got mine maybe 6 weeks after? I don't recall but I did get it. It's much more scaled down then in trips past when you got a whole packet. There is little customization, but I agree that its a nice little reminder that goodness is on the way in your life.


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A few years ago I didn’t receive one and figured they stopped sending them but when I didn’t get my magical express info I called and they had the wrong address on my reservation. My neighbor was getting my mail and instead of putting in my mail box he must have trashed it. Not a nice guy and glad he moved.


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I do not recall getting one for our March 2019 trip that I booked a while ago. I'm about to book a trip for next summer too so we'll see if I get one or not for that one.
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