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Does Disney Really Respond to emails?

I've e-mailed Disney twice, once for a compliment and once for a complaint, and both timed received phone calls back. Disney does listen. However they can't make changes such as ride updates or scent switches, based on one person's feedback. If many many people have the same complaints I think they will make changes, but it won't happen quickly.


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YES! In 2006, we had an incident that I shared with Disney, I got forwared to a CM, everything was taken care of, this wonderful CM has retired and we are very good friends and keep in touch. While we were last there in Nov./Dec., our family visited and had dinner with her. We were very blessed on this "chance" e-mail encounter!


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We were served uncooked hamburgers and approached the manager. The manager responsed that sometimes the tempeture is set to high and walked away. Upon our return I sent an email and relayed my story. Two days later I got a phone call and they asked for the receipt number. I got a full refund for the meal.

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