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Does anyone have GMR audio?


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Hey, I've been tracking down some audio for GMR tracks, but only found a few, is there anywhere I can look for the tracks? I'm mainly looking for isolated voice lines as well as isolated background audio from the ride itself. All the source audio I find are just mislabeled audio from Martin's tribute and only a few are the actual audio itself. I can paste a list if needed. Thanks.


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I have, but I already have the audio there. And I heard @marni1971 isn't a fan of being asked to share his audio.
Depending where it comes from I share if I can. If I’m asked not to, then I can’t.

Several YouTube channels like the one above usually rip my audio edits without asking anyway.
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There are two websites that may help you make your isolated vocals, etc:

https://www.acapella-extractor.com/ will normally be used with songs to strip away the music and give you just the vocals

https://www.remove-vocals.com/ will normally remove the vocals from songs and just leave you with the music

Both of these use AI, so may not be 100% perfect.

They both will only use MP3 files or WAV files


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-Robert Osborne Dialogue

-Public Enemy Scene Wind Isolated Track

-Public Enemy Scene Isolated Tracks

-James Cagney Isolated Track

-Beans, Squid, and Gangsters in car (Western and Gangster)

-Gangster Gunfire

-Background Ambience Gangster Scene

-Shootout Background Music Gangster Scene

-Gangster Scene (Western Version)

-Western Piano Isolated Track

-Western Nature Isolated Track

-John Wayne Isolated Track

-Bank and Office Harmonica

-Western Version Safety Spiel

-Snakes Isolated Track

-Officer Isolated Track

-Western Gunfire

-Western Holdup Backround Audio

-Western Shootout Background Audio

-Alien Clinging Noises Isolated Track

-Alien Screech Isolated Track

-Indiana Jones Snake Hissing

-Anubis Ambience Isolated Track

-Anubis Music Isolated Track

-Dancing Skeleton Isolated Track

-Tarzan Yell Isolated Track

-Jane Isolated Track

-Animals Isolated Tracks

-Casablanca Background Music

-Humphrey Bogart Isolated Track

-Wizard of Oz Background Music

- Exclaiming Munchkin Isolated Track

-The Wicked Witch of the West Isolated Track

-Munchkins Isolated Tracks

-Yellow Brick Road Backround Audio

-Toto, Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow Isolated Tracks

-Montage Organ Isolated
Is there any you are allowed to share, @marni1971? Or are you not allowed to give any of these? (Sorry if I come across harsh, because I've been held up looking for this for quite a long time.)

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