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Doctor arrested for allegedly kicking son in face at Epcot


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Sometimes I read these things and think that whoever reported the incident over exaggerated (sometimes a child getting smacked on the rear end results in someone yelling "abuse") but in this case the poor little boy had his face popped open by this idiot. My point of view has always been that anyone who hurts a child like that is a coward and deserves whatever they dished out. I'll sign up right now to go kick him in the face.

On the electrocution article... sick to my stomach. I cannot imagine my child being somewhere and ending up dead because of someone else's negligence. When you're doing electrical work near water, you make sure you do it right. You triple check and then check again. So sick of stories like this. I know that Putt Putt will be the ones held accountable but whoever the maintenance person was that didn't do their job correctly should experience more than just a job loss. Sadly they probably won't even experience that.


We need time for things to happen.
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After he kicked him...did he yell "GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!"

(Ok, in bad taste...but sometimes you need to laugh at horrible things.)

He deserved to be arrested.
Completely in bad taste..but funny too. And I totally agree that levity is often in order in situations like this.
I was going to crack something about him being p*ssed the Azzurri lost the Euro 2012 cup...

Before people flame me...I'm Italian, I love soccer, but I love my son more and I wouldn't kick him in the face nor do I condone what this a-hole did.

This dude is obviously an idiot with some major rage issues.


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There are two things I love about this article.

1) “I wouldn’t kick my sons in the face for anything,” said park guest, John Cissio.
2) “It doesn’t matter if he was at Disney or if he was in church,” said Cissio. “If he’s going to kick his son in the face, there’s something wrong with him.”

This Cissio is a font of knowledge, wisdom, and insight!


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If I saw that I guess I would have spent a little time in jail. How the he!! do you look yourself in the mirror after doing that?


My question is does this parent get to leave the country before his court date and will "he" be allowed back in the parks after being arrested in Epcot? If so he might just get a "slap on the wrist", pay a court cost and the "abuse" will continue as it's clear this guy has done this sort of thing before. I only hope the rest of the family will be OK when they get back home as it's a long trip back to Europe and most abusers take out their "humiliation" out on the family behind close doors.

Dads 2 Boys

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After he kicked him...did he yell "GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!"

(Ok, in bad taste...but sometimes you need to laugh at horrible things.)

He deserved to be arrested.

Dude....I just spit soda all over my keyboard.....thanks!

Arrested is only the beginning of what he deserves if what's reported is accurate. Idiot!

Jimmy Thick

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And how many people walked by watching this take place and did nothing or waited for others to do something?

Jimmy Thick- Thank God for Disney security.

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