Do you use the Train at Magic Kingdom?


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We didn't use the train(s) on any of our past trips, mostly because we forgot about them. However, now that I think about how we walked from frontierland to the exit at 12:15am after a long night at MNSSHP, we probably should have.

Do you use the train while at Magic Kingdom?

Do you use it as a slow ride all on it's own or to help your "park strategy?"

Has anyone every done the train tour? Is it fun/worth the cost and time?

Thanks for your insight!


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We enjoy the train as a ride, but also hop on to get to another part of the park. If we need a break to just chill, we'll ride it around the park. My father worked for a railroad, and trains were a part of our life, so I like seeing the old engines looking and sounding great.


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Not sure if OP was asking about availability of train late at night, but our experience has been that it shut down at 8 PM and last trains were not full loop as all were required to get off at toontown so trains could be retired at night to roundhouse which requires them to switch tracks at or near SM. YMMV


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Someone did a trip report recently that covered the train tour. I can't tell you who or where, but if you can find it you'll get a good feel for what it's like.

I can't imagine using the train as transportation unless I was extremely tired. Once you factor in the time to wait, load, and get going, it's not a time saver. I ride it only as an attraction.
I have only been on the train as an attraction, usually going from the park entrance on a full trip. I never thought about using it to get around the park. I will do next time


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We definitely look at it as a fun ride instead of a mode of transportation around the parks...but if it happens to be pulling up while we’re in Storybook Circus, we may hop on to get back to Main Street. It’s a win-win!

Disneyfreak Jen

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DH throws a temper tantrum if we don't ride the train at MK. It's his favorite and he's a train nut anyway. So sometimes we ride it just because, other times it saves us a walk through the middle of the park.

You have no idea how upset he gets when it's closed for refurbishment.....

This made me laugh out loud because I’m the same way! 😇😂

I like to ride the train as an attraction and also to get to the front of the park. I go through a period of dispair when I realize it’s under refurbishment when I’m going to be there (like this December 😱😩)


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We use it as a hybrid, it is a ride/transportation, we need to ride it at least once per visit (to the park and we usually visit twice per vacation) and at the same time we will use it to get to a different land.

If you are using as transportation, as others have typed, it is typically slower than walking to another land and does close earlier than the park.


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We almost always do, at least once. It's more as a mode of transport than anything else (if we're headed from the front gate to New Fantasyland, or leaving the park from Frontierland, etc.), but it's still a pleasant ride all on its own. At WDW, the variety of transportation around and between parks makes the "getting there" as much fun as the "being there."


I really enjoy it, but we don't ride it every time we go. Kind of depends on how crowded the park is and how long it takes to do our higher priority attractions. Old FP, we rode it every trip; FP+, fewer than half our trips now.


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The Walt Disney World railroad is both an attraction and transportation!! Use it at least once! In December 2018 The Walt Disney World railroad will close until Summer 2019, so get in your last rides in before then!


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Have used it for both transportation and a ride! My son loves transportation and trains more than just about anything. So he loves riding the tram, monorail, train, peoplemover, and the speedway. It worked well for us when the parked opened at 8. We heard the welcome show happening at the castle and the train was parked at the station. We hoped on and were out of the station by 8:05. Saved walking and we got to splash and big thunder right along with the first people. Plus my son got to "pick" the first ride, the train! I will use it to get from fantasy land up to the front of the park to if I'm heading out in the middle of the day. Tomorrowland and Main street always seem to be packed that time of day. I recommend sitting toward the back of a car and on the outside to catch a breeze.

Disney Drew

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The train tour is DEFINITELY worth it!!! I may be biased by our experience of it, but we were the only 2 in attendance, and it could have lasted all day if we wanted...and I LOVE trains!!!

You will start when the World looks like this:
Train Tour - Twilight.JPG

Ride the train at park opening when the train is like this:
Train Tour - Train at Station.JPG

...and get this close to them - yes we did get on the engine too, and you get to see where the monorails and trains are housed/repaired, which was an added bonus!
Train Tour - Walter E Disney.JPG

Granted, this was 7 years ago, but highly recommended!!! (You'll also get some fantastic park pictures before opening, with NOBODY in them) - well, we got a picture of a half-ton truck....

Oh, and yes, I do ride - as a ride - all the way around the park - it is such a different view of everything - I love it more each time.

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