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Rumor Do you think WDW will announce paid 'fast passes'?

Do you think WDW will announce paid 'fast passes'?

  • Yes - I think they will follow suit after Disneyland Paris

  • Yes - I think they will differ from the Paris example however

  • No - I think they will bring back fast passes as they were pre 2020

  • No - I think they will bring back fast passes as pre 2020 but with some tweaks

  • Other.... please give your thoughts

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Original Poster
With all the rumours and discussions around the fast pass changes recently and also the fact that Disney World has begun uncovering fast pass booths inside the parks I'd love to know your predictions on what is, I'm sure, soon to be announced for the long time park perk.


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Probably worth a read of this thread...though not all 324 pages of it!

That was the follow up thread. 😂😂

This was the original one which was active until the second one sprung up. And contains hints as to what is coming from a reliable source. As in Premier Access ……


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I could be very wrong but this whole time my gut has told me they are not going to change the system too dramatically.
I think there could be a paid option but still more like pre pandemic FP+ rather than a completely new system.

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