Do you think that Disney world will reclose its gates due to the rising number of COVID cases in Florida and around the country?

So far it looks like the wheels are in motion and not stopping, large amount of cast has gone back to work for the parks and resorts, along the NBA being officially confirmed.


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The only reality is that uncertainty is going to drive the rest of 2020. Whenever they do open, that uncertainty is going to continue to loom large over every day they are open...

In other words... they have no easy choice here and it’s anyone’s guess how this plays out in the next month.
At this rate anything is possible. It was on a Wednesday back in March with no word of closure. By 6 PM the next day, Disney announced closures that would occur over the next few days. Nothing is ever set in stone it seems. By this Friday, this situation could drastically change and delays are announced. Things have changed rather quickly over the last few months.


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I actually wouldn't be surprised if they do push it back several week if this trend continues. States such as Texas have already started pushing back on things that were opened such as bars and now closing them. I think if more States that are seeing spikes go up start doing this Florida will be one of them and WDW and Disney may just be a part of that setback.


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You would hope so. Its corporate greed to stay open.

Be a leader. Inspire. Be the change. Put the wellbeing of your cast members and guests ahead of massaging the ego of the president, the governor. Dont risk the lives of the front line employees who don't warn enough to cover medical bills for this thing.

Its spreading at a crazy rate - I'd love to know what the number is where disney turns round and says 'actually, we care about the wellbeing of our people and fans' and delay the opening. The longer they leave it the greedier they look. They can set an example and send a powerful message by postponing opening.
I think those emails that have been going out regarding those still coming, those rescheduling, and those canceling their trip will have a big impact on what they may decide to do. If a large enough number are reschduling or canceling altogether, they can easily justify a delay. No point in opening up for a lower number of guests then originally expected. I expect some interesting news over the next week regarding many states and how things may be scaled back again, especially with July 4th coming up.


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I think the main priority here has to be the safety of the guests and cast members. Disney does need to make this the forefront of the message that they are sending out to everyone. There will come a time when the parks will open again, but Disney has to make it clear that those times will have to be the safest time for all involved in the process. With the numbers the way they are surging in that region they cannot really say that at the moment.


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The ball is just all up in the air right now. I can't see them not opening if Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, etc. remain open.

Can't even see them closing again, honestly. Why? Because they're all opening at a time where it was worse than when they closed. So I mean, I believe they're fully prepared for anything to happen with the cases and reopen.


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I think one of the CDC higher ups (can’t remember the name) said that as many as 10x the confirmed number have it. It’s spreading very quickly for sure. But I think we just need to reopen and deal with it. If people feel it’s worth the risk to go to or work at a theme park, let them. It’s time to move on. If you’re in a high risk category, stay home. Very simple.
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