Do you think Buffett style might change.


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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I was wondering if Disney will change how buffets will change once the parks reopen to being more like a family style?

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If they change the style of the buffet, improve on the quality of the food too. I like the canteen style of the Plaza Inn restaurant at Disneyland. You can choose ready made plates or they'll make it for you and serve.

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I’m sure it won’t be self-serve anymore. I can imagine it will be staff serving you behind the line now—all wearing masks, gloves, and surgical caps.
Definitely this. I think buffets will be the last to open not only at Disney, but everywhere, and when they do it will be exactly as Nelle described. Over time it will change back I'm 100% certain, but it will take a while. It will likely take until after a vaccine is readily available.
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No, they just won't re-open for a while. I expect they won't significantly change once they are open, just reman closed until this is all over completely (ie we have a vaccine) so likely sometime in 2021.

They probably won't need as much restaurant capacity in some places anyway as there will be fewer visitors in the short term (less international travel in particular) so places can just be shuttered for a year.

If capacity is needed in some resorts/parks, maybe they will add family style or regular waited service in some locations.

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Will be interesting to see what they do with the buffetts on the cruise boats when they resume operations.


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If not at all then there will be a lot of layoffs in the cruise line division.
I think there already has been?

But given international travel likely won't return until this Autumn/Fall, I don't see cruises re-starting until sometime in 2021. The buffet restaurant on the ship being open or not wouldn't make any real difference comparted to the contact with others on the ship anyway. So if the ship is running there will be a buffet, but it may be some time until the ships are running again. Also because most cruise lines are registered in the Bahamas for tax reasons they won't get any government support, some of them probably will go bust.


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What manner is that? I haven't heard of them.
Everything is laid out just like a buffet but there is a glass barrier between you and the food. Servers are at various sections such as meats, veggies, desserts, etc. You'd tell them what you want and they would plate it and put it on a tray. The tray would eventually end up at the end with the cashier. If they did this at Disney I'd imagine the cashier would be eliminated and you'd pay the server as the norm. Like someone else mentioned the servers would have to be masked and gloved.
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