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Do you own Disney Stock? (Poll)

Do you own Disney Stock?

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An Aunt of mine signed me up in the stock purchasing program through Disney back in the late 80's when I got married as a wedding gift. So I think when I started it was 55 bucks or something like that. I purchase monthly, income averaging kicks in. 92 and 98 the stock split.

but I think most folks have a few shares in their mutual funds or index fund
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Other than thru some other investment funds of some sort, no Disney stock. I don't buy and hold stock trading anyways. No part of my trrading plan.


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Mine is currently a part of my employer's retirement mutual fund. But it could change at any time.


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Only indirectly through some managed funds.

There are only a few things right now that I own directly, and DIS is not one of them.


Yes, I purchased $1000 worth of Disney stock through their direct stock purchase program back when the stock was trading for about $25 a share in the mid 2000's probably around 2006 or so. This initial $1000 investment is in a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) administered by Broadridge so I now have close to 50 shares in that account.

Then I purchased another 30 shares using my regular Schwab investment account back in April of this year when the stock was trading for $114 a share. I am thinking about trimming my position a bit to take some profits on the 30 shares I recently purchased. However, I will NEVER sell my original shares in the Broadridge Drip account. I want to watch these grow for years to come...

Beacon Joe

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As a Boglehead, technically, I do since I hold the market. DIS is something like the 28th holding in VTSAX.

I held a few single stocks years ago, including DIS and sold them all and converted to indices... LOL, that was in 2008 when shares were in the upper $20s. Oh well. The fact that I can't pick stocks and predict the market's future is exactly why I got out of stock picking. Then there's that time I decided I didn't want to waste $100 to buy a bunch of these weirdly intriguing things called bitcoins. :banghead:
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