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Do you know of any WDW resorts that famous people have stayed in?


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Where have we come as a society when Snooki is mistaken for someone famous?

The same place where a Kardashian fits a similar bill.....:dazzle:

Last week a number of former NFL coaches and players were at the Beach Club, in town for the Under Armor game being played at WWOS.
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WE stayed at the GF for our wedding and honeymoon. This was during the grand opening for AK in 1998. Sir Anthony Hopkins was in the room directly above us. Drew Carey was also staying at the GF, though I don't know where. He must have been in the concierge area since we saw him in the concierge lounge

Princess Diana brought Princes William and Harry to WDW for holiday and stayed at the Grand.

One trip we were watching Illuminations and Doug Flutie was standing about 5feet from us. After the show was over we were walking back to the Beach Club. He was also heading that way, so I assume he was staying in that

We have pictures somewhere of Michael Jackson in the MK. I've heard he had a suite at the Royal Plaza near DTD.
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John Stamos and Susan Lucci prefer BoardWalk.

Mariah goes between Grand and Yacht Club.

Pauly D (lol) stays at the Grand Flo too.

Regis likes Yacht Club.

We always ask when we stay Club Level...
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