Do I Make a Change Due to Rain???


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Need some advice!

We are at Disney for six days, starting this Sunday. We are starting at Animal Kingdom this Sunday, the 22nd (and ending there next Friday). We have one day at Epcot (the 25th). Sunday is now forecasted for 90% chance of rain, potentially heavy at times. I have read that Animal Kingdom is the worst park for rain and Epcot is the best. I am wondering if I should swap my days and go to Epcot this Sunday and Animal Kingdom on the 25th. However, I would lose all my fast passes! Not sure it would make sense to change for that reason. Thoughts???


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Ponchos, Raincoats, Umbrellas, extra dry socks and waterproof coverings for your backpacks. That's your best bet this close to your trip with the crowd levels. Enjoy, you could be neck deep in a snow drift.

Its Florida, it gets wet. Temperature and Rainfall Averages are just the median, mode or mean of the recorded values for a date or date range, they are not absolute values you should take as gospel for what it will be like on any given trip.

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