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Greetings fellow Magicians.
Today was to be our first day at Disney for a 2 week family trip, celebrating DS senior year and upcoming graduation 🎓 . It would be the last time everyone would be on the same school schedules for at least a few years so we were really excited for a family trip. Reservations made, Fastpasses selected, activities planned, special dining experiences reserved....and then.....coronavirus. So while in the grand scheme of things we are most thankful for our health, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed.
So today we designated Disney Day. The morning started with everyone wearing a Disney-related shirt, Mickey waffles 🧇 with Magic Kingdom entrance music playing to set the atmosphere. We’ve “ridden” our way through Magic Kingdom thanks to VR/360 and a crazy big TV. Midday snack was a Mickey ice cream bar! To top it off and to our surprise, “The Child” was delivered today after a 3 month preorder wait. Dinner will be pulled pork nachos with our Polynesian lobby scented candle doing the best it can to take our senses to another place, with everyone wearing their 🌺 🌸 from the last trip.

So with all the stress around us right now, what fun things is everyone doing to stay positive and cheerful through their home bound days? Let’s share some smiles!


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I'm going to have to check out Planet Coaster.
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