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DiveQuest, any thought?


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Hi everyone,

On my trip this august I have signed up for the DiveQuest experience at the living seas. I am a certified diver and the disney operator i booked the excursion with told me the basics about what I was going to be doing. I was wondering if anybody has done this particular adventure and what did you think about it?


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I've done it three times... with the last time being about 10 years ago. It was certainly fun and it's really cool to be part of the 'magic'. For me the best part was waving to the people on the other side of the glass, and my nephews got a kick out of seeing me and their dad in the tank.


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I did DiveQuest in 2005. It was fun. I had our whole party (12 of them) eating dinner at the Coral Reef during the time of my dive. Only a couple of them knew I was doing that, so it was a surprise to most of them that I was in the tank. You just need to watch out for the shark and Fat B*stard the sea turtle (that's honestly what they named him). :ROFLOL:They don't attack you, but if you're in their way, they'll ram right into you. It's cool being "backstage" too.:wave: You can also buy a video of the dive afterwards.
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