Disney's Magical Express will discontinue luggage delivery service


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Hoping this change lasts only as long as the rest of the COVID restrictions. To my wife and I, the DME luggage service and the resort airline check-in were both very convenient...especially when traveling with golf clubs. They will both be missed.


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We didn't have this in the beginning since our airline wasn't a part of it. It was challenging with luggage, strollers and little ones. At least now the kids are older and can pull their own luggage.
I do hope it goes back to normal when life gets back to normal.


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This is odd to me.
What is the rationale for not moving the luggage?
If bell services will move it, Disney is touching your bag anyway?


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I bet it is for labor cost savings.
I’m sure that’s the case. What’s the benefit for Disney? Magical Express provides guest satisfaction and helps keep them in the Disney bubble.
They don’t need/want to do that at the moment since availability is tight, so why pay for something which incentivizes the opposite.


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This is a biggy for me. One of the reasons I go so much is when I check in at the airport, my worries are over and I was completely taken care of. Since this is gone I suspect they will start charging for the bus ride.

With all the IP changes I don't care for (Frozen, etc), this is just one more reason to move on to other vacation spots.
To cut back now on services that were MAGICAL is pathetic. If this was a labour issue or Covid issue, it should have been announced in the June opening release plans. They could have given more notice to guests. Now Disney resorts is aligning itself with regular hotels...shuttle bus service only.


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I’m also pretty disappointed about this. We have two kids, 8 and 3, and it’s such a relief at the airport to say goodbye to our checked bags and know they will show up in our room at the hotel. It’s not an enormous hassle to pick up our bags and take them to the bus, but it’s definitely a hassle. Ditto heading home.
I’m very hopeful that this is temporary.

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This is huge. I hope this is only temporary and will come back after all this Covid-19 stuff is over, but who knows.


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Not looking toward to shepping my own luggage, but very going to miss getting my boarding passes for the ride home on the final day.


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I agree that this is a temporary, cost-saving matter. That said, there is currently a high speed rail system being built that will connect Miami to MCO. That line is expected to then continue to WDW on its way to Tampa. When that happens, I have a feeling that DME will be discontinued. Some questions I have are: will Disney include train tickets in your resort package and will there be baggage handling.


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This is awful! We like dropping our luggage when we leave our airport and not carrying it again until we land back at our home airport. Will wait until they work this out.
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