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Disney's Lonestar Resort


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The Royal Ballroom (QS), Jaq and Gus’ (QS) and The Pumpkin Patch (walkup)

The Royal Ballroom, I've decided to change Cinderella's Chateau and use the ballroom setting for the ballroom restaurant. Duh MM10! I don't know what I was thinking at first. The setting for this one looks like the central part of Be Our Guest and will show the ballroom where Cinderella and Prince Charming first met.

As for the other 2, Jaq and Gus' will be reminiscent of Chez Remy in France and have large items that are usually small by human's standards. Meanwhile The Pumpkin Patch would be a walkup. The latter one looks like a large pumpkin and serves just that from it's booth. Pumpkin related treats and drinks, like pumpkin juice, pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin dole whips.
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snow white main 1.jpg


The next section will be home to Snow White, the main princess. Whose castle is the landmark weenie for Enchanted Kingdom park. Her area is located in the middle section of Princess Land and is the 2nd part of this park’s Fantasyland equilvalent. It is themed after medieval Germany, with it’s colorful buildings and many ornate fountains and waterways. The town is boarded along the edges by forests, where Snow White’s furry friends and the Dwarfs reside.

snow white extra 8.jpg
snow white black forest falls 6.jpg

Black Forest Falls
----- (boat ride, similar to na’vi river journey)
----- (At first it is a relaxing ride through the forest starring Snow White and her forest friends. You even hear Snow White singing by her wishing well “I’m Wishing”. Even the animals begin to show to listen to her. Deers, bunnies, chipmunks, birds and many more. But the boat because far from tranquil as it ventures too far off course and wander into the less friendly area. Here you see the evil, more darker side of the forest where Owl’s hoot and even the trees are scarier.)

snow white magical journey 10.png

snow white magical journey 12.jpg

snow white magical journey 11.jpg

Snow White’s Magical Journey
----- (dark ride, similar to dl’s original version)
----- (This one shows the story of snow white, much like it’s predecessor. But with more of an emphasis on the huntsman, her love story with the prince and encounters with the evil witch. Since the Dwarfs have their own attraction they will only make a slight appearance at the end.)

snow white mine train 1.jpg

snow white mine train 2.jpg
snow white mine train 3.jpg

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
----- (rollercoaster, similar to mk version)
----- (This version would have real animatronics and be longer than the Magic Kingdom version. And is more similar to the original attraction (Snow White’s Scary Adventure) than the MK version. The beginning shows Snow White kissing the Dwarfs right before they head to work. Some coaster action happens in the forest and then we see the Dwarfs at work singing Heigh Ho)

snow white woodland creatures 2.jpg

Woodland Creatures Carousel
----- (carousel, similar to prince charmings)
----- (A beautiful carousel with Snow White’s furry and feathered friends. Unlike the usual carousel this one would be made up of nonhorses like deers and turtles. Much like other princesses, animals seem to love Snow White. So this is a dedication to all of those animals.)

and last, but not least...

a Meet and Greet
--- (with Snow White, Prince Florian and the Mirror on the Wall)


Snow White’s Enchanted Table, The Apple Orchard Inn, Diamond in the Rough, The Huntsman’s Lodge and Fantasy Faire
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Whoa, you lucky dog. I'd love to see it in person, it's so beautiful.

Plus the food ooooo, that must be amazing. Do you remember anything cool about the area, which you don't mind sharing?
Well, for food, there were handmade pretzels and freshly-baked schnitzels, as well as spaghetti eis, which is vanilla ice cream that's designed to look like spaghetti. There were big, colorful houses and winding streets. In the town we stayed in, Rothenberg ob Tauber, there was a big city wall that surrounded the area, and we got to walk on it. This village also inspired the village seen in Pinocchio, even though this is Germany and Pinocchio's set in Italy.


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Snow White’s Enchanted Table would look like the Dwarf's home. Snow has fixed her visitors a meal fit for 7 Dwarfs. There would be trinkets throughout from each of the dwarfs and funny pictures as well. That show who resides in this residence.

The Apple Orchard Inn is a walkup that serves different apple related treats like Apple Crumble, Apple Cake, Apple Ice Cream, Apple Cider Donuts and Apple Cider. As for the other establishments "Diamond in the Rough" (is a quick service in a diamond mine), "The Huntsman’s Lodge" (is similar to Gastons) and Fantasy Faire (is another walkup, which serves Dwarf inspired treats).

oogie boogie man

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Snow White’s Enchanted Table would look like the Dwarf's home. Snow has fixed her visitors a meal fit for 7 Dwarfs. There would be trinkets throughout from each of the dwarfs and funny pictures as well. That show who resides in this residence.

That actually sounds pretty cool bone daddy. As long as it's not dwarf sized food I'd be totally up for it. I'm a pretty big eater, that usually goes with quantity over what is perceived as quality.


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View attachment 663876


This area will be home to all of the Disney characters who dwell in the forest. It would have a natural forested appearance with lots of trees throughout. Each of the homes and attraction exteriors would look like trees as well, except for Elliot’s from “Pete’s Dragon”, who lives in a cave.

The homes are similar in appearance to the ones the characters from “Winnie the Pooh” reside in. So each is very different from one another to show the different themings of the particular story. Some are in the trees and some are even the trees themselves.

View attachment 663879

----- (dark ride, similar to winnie the pooh)
----- (The young deer gets his own attraction, along with Flower and Thumper and all of their forest friends. Even though it is a powerful and important scene the death of Bambi’s mother would be omitted and it will focus more on his happier times in the forest.)

View attachment 663880

The Fox and the Hound
----- (boat ride, similar to living with the land)
----- (A young fox named Tod is taken in by an old woman after his mother is killed by a hunter. Full of mischief, Young Tod befriends Copper, a hound dog pup. Both of them become good friends despite where their paths lead. Not knowing they maybe enemies in the future.)

View attachment 663882

Pete’s Dragon
----- (aerial carousel, similar to dumbo)
----- (The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who happens to be a dragon. The young boy, Pete, is found in a forest where he's been living for six year after an accident took his parents' lives.)

View attachment 663877

The Sword in the Stone
----- (dark ride, similar to snow white’s scary adventure)
----- (Sword has many scenes where the main characters shapeshift into different animals. Especially during the grand battle with Merlin and Madam Mim. These scenes help to make the film fit within the animal based land. The main character Arthur also spends much of the film as different animals as well. As Merlin tries to teach him how to react to different environments in the forest.)

View attachment 663878

Robin Hood
----- (dark ride, similar to winnie the pooh)
----- (This was one of my favorite movies growing up. It’s got some great country music in it… even though it takes place in England. Our heroes make their home in Sherwood Forest, where the evil Prince John cannot get them.)

View attachment 663883

The Hundred Acre Woods Amphitheater
----- (stageshow, similar to country bear jamboree)
----- (Our favorite chubby bear and all of Christopher Robbins’ other toys sing about various things. For Tigger it’s obviously got to be bouncing, Eeyore’s is about rain and sunshine and Pooh sings about his favorite food…. honey of course.)

and last, but not least...

a Meet and Greet
--- (with Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Robin Hood, Little John, Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger)


Sherwood Forest Faire, Forest Friends Cafe, King Arthur’s Royal Banquet Hall, Honey Bear Restaurant and The Dragon’s Cave
Tough in that that era hasn't been done well at all.

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