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The next section will be a good accompanied to it’s pirate brethren. Because it will be made up of characters and creatures which also reside in the deep dark sea. But this section will consist of Witches, Captains and Sea Creatures.


The Kraken
----- (aerial carousel, similar to aladdin’s carpets)
----- (An octopus-like creature that has been known to attack pirate ships. Visitors can safely ride in style, in tiny boats at the end of each tentacle. What makes it different is it’s also a water ride. Water sprays out of his mouth at unsuspecting scalawags.)


Captain Nemo and the Depths of Darkness
----- (rollercoaster, similar to tron)
----- (The Captain of the Nautilus and star of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea plunges you deep within the ocean. In this underground and underwater adventure. The Captain has created special vehicles that looks like a cross between a sub and a jet ski. Venture passed treacherous creatures like the giant squid. Exploring deep waters and seemingly endless grottos.)




Ursula’s Revenge
----- (magnetic dark ride, similar to pirates of the caribbean: sunken treasure)
----- (Board a boat and venture into Ursula’s the sea witches domain. Morgana has brought back her sister so they can get back at Ariel. Based on the villains from the Little Mermaid movie and series. Ursula, Morgana (Ursula’s sister) and their Octopan soldiers plot their revenge on the kingdom of Atlantica. Each is intend on not only killing Triton and his royal linage, but you as well. In one of the coolest scenes, you encounter Morgana in her ice cave.)


Monstro: Belly of the Beast
----- (boat ride, similar to splash mountain)
----- (The ride plays out just like the movie, even ending with an escape from within the belly of Monstro the whale. With songs and scenes from the Classic Film like “Hey diddly dee”. The attraction shows Pinocchio, who starts off much too trusting. Believing and following even the most sinister individuals. With time though he learns about life and what it’s like to be a real boy.)

The Residents of the area

Captain Nemo, Ursula, Morgana and Manta

The Restaurants

Vulcania (TS), The Sea Witch (QS), Ship Graveyard and Flotsam and Jetsam (Walkup)
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20,000 Leagues could be really neat. I like the aesthetics of the attractions and restaurant that have come from it. It's unfortunate that Disney will probably mess up the future live action for it.


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I didn't like the 20000 leagues attraction when I was younger. So anything new would be an upgrade. I got so Claustrophic in it. I don't know how people can go in a real sub.

And if someone passed gas forget about it that ruined the whole experience.

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