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The latest and last park in Disney’s Lonestar Resort will be the Villain one. It’s main street will look like an evil version of Main Street U.S.A. with a little bit of Diagon Alley thrown in as well. At the end of it off in the distance will be Maleficent’s castle, which sits perched atop of a dark mountain. And at the foot of it is a body of water, where it’s very own version of “World of Color” takes place, “World of Villains”.



  • The Raven’s Nest Confectionery
  • Poison Apple Bakery
  • Mad Madam Mim’s Magical Mercantile
  • The Broom Closet
  • Black Cat Cafe
  • Witches Brew Tavern
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Where's my Queen? I can't wait to find out! You gotta represent her some where in the park. She is so awesome, even though she wants to kill my girl Snow.

She definitely has a bakery, so that is something. But you definitely got to give her own ride as well.

He had to go with Maleficent, because her castle is more well known. And plainly put... just badass looking. It makes for a perfect landmark for a villain park. In fact I can't even remember what the Evil Queen's castle even looks like.

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