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Disney's Hollywood Studios Name Change

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
If the parks needs to be renamed again, I believe out of all Disney Hollywood Adventure is the best possible scenario. Though, I have to admit that I'm still very fond of Disney's MGM studios, maybe it's just because the first time I went to Disney, that was its name.
I think that was its name the first time we all went to Disney! It took me three years to stop calling it MGM.


Well-Known Member
I miss the name but not the sorcerers hat. Now I can actually see the Chinese Theatre in all its glory! It would be nice if they made a new Sorcerer Hat in the Animation courtyard area, just without those ugly ears this time.
I agree with you, now the Chinese Theater shines as it should. I hope they bring back the hat at some point, I have very fond memories of it.

999th Happy Haunt

Well-Known Member
here's my suggestion
I died at &Knuckles. I doubt many on the forum will get that. Good one!


Active Member
This is from Germany....



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I have modified my suggestion from Mickey's World of Movie Magic to

Mickey's Wonderful World of Movie Magic!

Matches the entry kiosk perfectly. Run with it mouse house. It's free.


Well-Known Member
Does Hollywood really have the same meaning to it as it used to back in the Golden era of cinema?

I'll be surprised if its used in the future re-branding/name of the park.


Well-Known Member
The front half is still Hollywood, which now carries over into 'Grand Avenue'. It's very much a part of the park. They're still keeping "California" in the DCA name ...

Nothing's changed about the front half of Hollywood Studios. It's no longer a "Studio" park though. Hollywood Adventure has always been the simplest and most obvious.


Well-Known Member
Why does everyone never remember the Tower of Terror movie, Yeah it was made for TV but It's not THAT bad and was the very first movie based on a attraction...


Maybe I just miss classic Guttenberg nowadays, I'm going to go watch Police Academy!
Yea, I know, and I like old Steve too. However, my point was that at the time ToT was built there was no movie. And even that wasn't much of one other then to say that it ran to long, so therefore it was a movie. :)

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