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Disney's Encanto, from the makers of Zootopia


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Why we dont have a Walt Animatronic yet, is beyond me...


It's probably the Santa Clause 2's fault. They're afraid he'll begin to think he owns the joint and will be an outright jack about it.


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Am I the only one that doesn't like Lin Manuel's music? I think the music from frozen , princess and the frog and others are way better then some of the music he's made (Hamilton, that crab song in Moana was yuck, Mary Poppins Returns music was unmemorable, etc.).
I like Hamilton and In the Heights. I don’t particularly like Moana’s music but I think it’s servicable. I’ll agree that others are better.

I don’t really care for Book of Mormons music but I think Frozen is excellent. See how that works? One can personally like and dislike someone’s work without trashing the person.


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I got to admit I don't like Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton or his smug face... but.... but I love the song "How Far I'll Go", which he wrote from "Moana". ..... and I guess I have high hopes for "Encanto" or whatever it will be called by the time it comes out. "How Far" is up there with "I see the light" from Tangled, which for some reason makes my eyes watery. It's the Air Conditioner..... yeah it's just the A.C.
I mean this is borderline racist is it not? What about his face don’t you like?

Race wasn't even brought into it, you must be one of those people that sees racism everywhere.

I think we have to see if the movies any good to see if it deserves an attraction. What if some of the past Disney bombs had been given an attraction beforehand. Like Good Dinosaur, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, etc.

Then again Tron got a rollercoaster so anything's possible I guess.

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