News Disney's Animal Kingdom VP Djuan Rivers to retire


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"Djuan Rivers, vice president Disney's Animal Kingdom is retiring after a 30 year career with the Walt Disney Company."
Yeah, but that means nothing. Alot of time execs will be offered a hefty package to "retire". That package costs the company less by dropping compensation and lets them replace the exec with someone younger who earns less. Or not replace them at all and merge job roles elsewhere.


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He’s 56. I’m going to guess that DAK is about to get “more Disney” very soon.

I doubt it will be very soon because I don't think they want to spend that kind of money at the moment. But I do think the days of Animal Kingdom being mostly thematically consistent (Chester and Hester arguably excluded) will end eventually. While I'm not sure Zootopia will ever be on the table, I expect to see additions that are only tangentially connected to animals/nature at best.

Unless Disney has new management with a different outlook by the time they're ready to ramp up CapEx again.

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