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Disney's Animal Kingdom to test access to The Oasis before park opening


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I'm glad that they are trying something else. I hope it's a little bit of entertainment. I remember when each park had a variation of an opening show. I was sad to learn that MK was the only one with one left (even DLR doesn't have a show any more).


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This sounds like a great idea. I love the oasis, but in the morning you can't linger if you want to hit attractions at RD and it's a long trek later in the day.


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Exactly what is there to test? Either let people in or don't! Back when I used to visit Disney World (last trip was 2 years ago), this was the norm. I was there a few times before opening, and guests could go as far back as the entrance to It's Tough to Be a Bug.


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So it sounds like this is a way for them to bring back a giant mass of humanity building up behind a rope rather than letting the tapstiles serve as a way to naturally disperse the crowds as they are entering the park and cut down on congestion and crowding first thing in the morning. Even though the idea of guests freely wandering around the Oasis sounds great, everyone will go straight to the ropes and wait. If this were a way for them to bring back an opening show to the park, great, but I doubt that's the case.


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I'm just as confused as a few of the other posters. I remember doing "The Adventure Begins". I can see how THAT opening might be complicated now (used to dump everyone at the entrance to Safaris) but now, with EE, that changes the dynamics but when did they stop doing it?

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