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News Disneyland to give Snow White’s Scary Adventures dark ride a major facelift in 2020


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Agree with most of your points; the mine has never looked better, and the dungeon and the new projection mapping by the cauldron there are all great touches. It would've been so much better if instead of the mirror they had Snow's hand let go of the apple and roll it towards the path of the ride vehicle - less is more there. I don't think it ended too fast; I'm a sucker for the classic choral endings so this was right up my alley, and the lighting for the kiss was drop dead gorgeous.

Love me those classic choral Golden era animation endings. I’m glad they snuck one into the end of MMRR.


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Surprised to see so many underwhelmed. I could do without the shattering mirror and even more so the video of the dwarves marching. However, as for the rest of it, the thought that occurred to me was that I wished Mission Breakout had been done this well. Although, I agree that the safety spiel is a poor impression.

Brer Panther

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Whoever is doing Happys voice on the safety spiel is awful. Where does Disney find their voice actors for the parks lately?
The current voice of Happy is Stephen Stanton (who also does the Prospector in Toy Story Mania and Henry Mystic in Mystic Manor). I'm guessing he did Happy for the safety spiel.


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I enjoyed the new version! My family's reactions:

Daughter as we were leaving the ride: "that was way better than before!!!"
Husband: "it was different??"

Lol.... :D
Your husband reminds me of one of my undergrad professors.

Me: Dr. B., what will we be reading for our British Lit course? I’d like to start purchasing the texts now.

Dr. B.: Am I teaching that class?🤔


Happy to hear you enjoyed the new version.

PB Watermelon

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Now bring on the challenge of trying to overhaul Pinocchio, the real problem child of Fantasyland's dark rides. They can save Toad for last, Pinocchio is one of the crown jewels in Disney animation, the ride does it no justice. As soon as they can allocate money for it in the operating budget, get the sledgehammers out.

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