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Disneyland Skipper Parker


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This is one for Disneyland but I felt it should go here for specificity.

There is one Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland who is just absolutely hilarious. Parker is lively, has a perfect grip on delivery, and throws in extras such as ducking behind the wheel every time there is "danger" then claiming he saved everyone and demanding thanks.

He also does a lot of running gags that keep the laughter going consistently.

I wanted to record the Jungle Cruise but my phone was full and I debated clearing stuff off but I thought I'd just get it next time and I totally regret that to this day. I just have to hope that I get his boat next time whenever that is.


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It's amazing the difference a castmember can do to your day. I've had both sides of the spectrum.

I guess it all depends on the person. Some people just see it as a job and seem like they don't want to be there. While others are the opposite and go out of their to make others happy.

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