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Disneyland Resort Paris Third Gate


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Since there is an agreement with the French government that Disney must construct a third gate in Paris by 2030 are there any indications or rumors of an announcement as we are getting close to when planning is needed for a 2030 opening. Back in 2010 Gas said that a decision may come as late as 2020 so planning should really be in the works now.

Since they seem to be putting marvel in the studios we might not be getting his super hero park idea.


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This is assuming the date isn't pushed back again. Even if it isn't I doubt we will hear anything for many years yet.

I would like to think the plan for the next 10 years at Disneyland Paris is to fix WDSP, add an attraction to DLP and become financially sound for the long term and then switch attention to a third park if necessary.
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Thinking about it, I tell you what I wouldn't mind seeing from a third gate. (Once the studios is sorted out)

A Spooky/Haunted themed park. I want to see something original, away from the other resorts which would give people good reason to visit. It would be a park like no other in the Disney portfolio, and would give Disney a lot to play with. Wouldn't need to be full of IP's, although a few spring to mind. And it would also open up a new genre for Disney to work with when making future movies, adding attractions first, and making a film around that attraction.

I think it's a good idea anyway. :)


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Does anyone know the wording of the agreement- would a water park count as a third gate or does it have to be a full park?

As much as id love to see a new Disney park in Europe id be worried that building a third gate would put the resort back to how it was when the studios opened -more debts but not a big upflift in visitors to pay for it.

Id rather see the third park money spent building up the two existing parks, for most locations i think a two park resort with a downtown trype area like Tokyo or Anaheim is probably the best design for a disney resort not too big not too small


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Finally got some kind of a mention of the third gate from Bob Iger:

From: http://www.lefigaro.fr/societes/201...s-est-un-vote-de-confiance-dans-la-france.php

Key part translated:

What are your goals in terms of attendance for Disneyland Paris? And economic impact for the region? We do not communicate about our attendance prospects. With our expansion project, we want to take advantage of the power of attraction of our Star Wars, Marvel and Frozen franchises. This will have an impact for the coming decade. We will lay the foundation stone next year and the openings will be spread between 2020 and 2025. It is too early to evoke a third park in Marne-la-Vallée.

See you in 2026...
I wonder if giving the Studios so much, they might be able to push back on the 3rd park?

My guess for theme is what ever they turn Epcot/Future World into, as it still seems to be IP based.

My hope would be an Animal Kingdom still park for colder climate creatures!


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I think this investment could well meet the third park requirements of the agreement with the French government, presumably they care about the investment amount and jobs rather than the gate count.

I suspect any eventual third gate would be a Disney sea style park - a collection of themed lands which you can drop appropriate IPs into. I suspect it would share designs with HK or Shanghai’s second gates to save on development costs


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Its interesting that for a resort which was always planned to have three parks the third park location is so remote from the other parks and the shopping area. Presumably it means that youd need some form of internal resort transport. Does anyone know if there were plans for a monorail or peoplemover in the overall plan and if this was fd through to the final resort build.


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Interesting where the new hotel is as well. I would have assumed it and the convention centre would be in the others location. Maybe the long term plan is to build up the new hotel / third park area as a new development area.

I know it’s only an outline but the new hotel doesn’t look very inspiring. I hope it’s a properly themed immersive resort and not a bland box like some of the more recent proposals In wdw and California


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The area in that model is big enough to space several other hotels aswell. The new hotel is in a zone between the 'old' hotels and 3th gate. They could make a zone with 2, maybe three more hotels.

The convention centre is using the last space around lake Disney, what's the best use for it IMHO.

There's an detailled picture of the new hotel and it looks like the all star formula used in WDW. Main building with 5 wings.


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Depending on where they build the entrance to that third gate, with a path through the new hotel area the Newport Beach Hotel could actually be a shorter walk to the third gate than Disneyland Parc.


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I think placing a convention centre on the lake is a bit odd. I’d have thought lakeside room views would command a premium whereas a convention centre could be put anywhere although i guess the site allows for easy access from the existing resorts.

Is this the site where the venturi hotel was planned to go originally?
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