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News Disneyland Resort Backlot Premiere Shop coming to Stage 17 in... Downtown Disney?


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George Lucas on a Bench

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As this dork displays they're opening up this building as a store to sell unsold merchandise meant for the theme parks during their most popular seasons as they remain shuttered. Pretty embarrassing. Disneyland is now Downtown Disney.


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That's a backstage employee entrance. Curious to see how they'll dress up that area to make it look like it's not backstage...

There's a vehicle entry gate there. Throwing that open and moving some walls/planters should suffice.

Edit to add: I actually think this is a terrible idea and can't fathom why other additional space closer to Downtown Disney wasn't considered (like the GCH convention center).


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Some more pictures via the site that shall not be named-

The entrance:

Pathway from Esplanade to Stage 17:



I gotta say, they really nailed the Backlot theme, it looks just like an empty soundstage 😂😂. I thought there would be more Halloween decor inside, wasn't this the Dr. Facilier trail last year?


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I want to be wrong, but I could see this store lasting after the parks reopen. Effectively until events needs it again (which I’m not holding my breath on).

Of course. This store will run through Saturday, October 31st, then they'll slash prices and have a big sale on Sunday, November 1st. It will be closed Monday through Wednesday, November 4th.

Then it will reopen on Thursday, November 5th as a Christmas store for the next two months, desperately selling all the theme park Christmas merchandise they ordered from Communist China a year ago.

Rinse, repeat. New Year's 2021. Valentine's Day. St. Patrick's Day. Easter. When Disneyland finally reopens in May, 2021 they'll be all caught up on their ordering.


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Very depressing and creepy interior. Tent exterior, no surprise there. You're literally just walking backstage. A little bit closer to "The Magic" but a depressing reminder of the baffling stupidity of Disneyland's closure that you can't go in the park but you can go in here.

It's important that we keep the school children away from school for another semester, because to really damage a child's long-term development you need to get them at least one full year behind.

But we need the ability to go to this store and touch all this merchandise lovingly made for us in Communist China, try on the t-shirts and pick up the mugs and get our germs on everything for the next shopper, because all of this fun seasonal merchandise is 100% required for human survival.

To prepare for the Second Wave Twindemic this fall and to follow the Science, we should be stocking up on bulk toilet paper, rice, beans, and Halloween sleep sets. Go Shopping, Save Lives!


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