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Disneyland Ontario Resort


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Disneyland Ontario Resort

"Welcome one and all to the Disneyland Ontario Resort. Here small towns will come together, fantasies will be made, adventure starts here, we'll visit new frontiers, and see some futures come and go. Together, we will laugh here, cry here, and play here as people go through the gates. This land, just six years ago, was barren, then came along myself, finding a plot to call home."
- Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company

Didn't you here? The Disneyland Ontario Resort opened. And today, we're going to explore the one park, shopping district, and three hotels. We'll start of with Disneyland Ontario, then make our way around.


While exploring, you can always check out where the world is. Now, without further a due, come along!


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Disneyland Ontario

Disneyland Ontario features 7 lands (from right to left; Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Backyard, Fantasyland, Hollywood Backlot, Pacific Wharf, Adventureland, and Frontierland), each with a concept.

Disneyland Ontario is 4.21 miles. It is the northern most structure of the resort, the southern most being Disney's Jolly Holiday Resort (Moderate).

On the next posts, we will take a look at all the lands in-depth and some of the rides more in-depth.



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Main Street USA

After getting tickets and going through the gates, you'll be in a courtyard. This courtyard is in front of the Walt Disney Railroad Station. You can go under the left tunnel or right tunnel to get to the main Main Street USA.

The art above says a lot, such as small town feelings and full buildings. The land has a mini story to go along with it, and we're going to here about it now.

"Elias DeSnet was a quiet but rich man in the 1880s. During his time, he married two people, and had 11 children. Now, in 1886, toward the end of his second marriage, he plotted out Snetland. He would use his $1 million to build a small town in Illinois.

After leaving his second wife, he rounded up his two oldest sons, aged 23 and 19, and started plotting out lands. After finding a plot of land, Elias started to build. After some 7 odd years, Snetland was complete, and Elias was buried under his to-be home after dying in 1893.

His two sons left the population 100 town and lead their own lives. Now, after 124 years, Snetland is again populated... with you and other guests.

His to-be home at the cul-de-sac of Character Avenue is now The Walt Disney Story: One Man's Dream. The American Flag flies high, and you're all the reasons why."

The Walt Disney Story: One Man's Dream
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Walt Disney Railroad
Great Disney Horse-Drawn Carriages

The Emporium
Gifts of the Americas
Mickey Avenue of Stuff
Characteristics Unique
Animagique Store
Charicatures Cart
Goofy Candy Store

The Fire Brigade
City Hall Cafe
Cool Beans (Presented by Starbucks)
Castle Creamery

Main Street USA is just one of the many very detailed lands of Disneyland Ontario. Now, we have ventured to 1/7 lands. Next, we'll be taking a look at Tomorrowland. Stay tuned!



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Being Canadian I love this idea as flights there would be a lot cheaper and the exchange rate is a lot friendlier so I love to see how this will all play out! One question though, where is this located (Outside Toronto, Ottawa, somewhere else, etc.)?


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Being Canadian I love this idea as flights there would be a lot cheaper and the exchange rate is a lot friendlier so I love to see how this will all play out! One question though, where is this located (Outside Toronto, Ottawa, somewhere else, etc.)?
The entrance to the resort is going to be settled 55 minutes south of the Ottawa International Airport on County Road 18, North Augusta. Hope this gives you an idea!


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If you walk to the right of Main Street USA, you'll be welcomed with a beautiful, spherical structure. That structure is the Tron coaster.

The style is the type seen in the 2015 film, Tomorrowland.

The land is also going to have some Mediterranean vibes going on, as seen above in the photo.

Titles of places will have both an English and French version. Each ride will do the same, as well as the safety spiels.

There's not a lot of backstory to this land in particular, but if anyone reading would like to, go ahead, I'd love to here what you come up with! The land is sort of set in the distant future, settling on a port.

TRON: The Legacy Continues
Journey to the Center of the Earth (
Voyage au Centre de la Terre)
The Peoplemover
Home of Tomorrow Walkthrough (
Accueil de Demain Passerelle)
Journey Into Imagination (Voyage dans l'imagination)
Tomorrowland Train Station (
Gare de Tomorrowland)
Autopia Presented by: Chevrolet (Autopia Présenté par: Chevrolet)

Big Bang! Star Pins
Meteor Merch
Magic of Disney Tomorrows

TRON: Legacy Shop
Autopia Presents

Imagination Station
Core Cafe
TRON: Grille and Bar

As the Tomorrowland whole tour comes to a close, there is something that goes in-depth. One restaurant and one attraction will go deeper in the next two posts!


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Good call with the French!! Being so close to Quebec everything would definitely need both languages!! Good call on something most people would miss!

Brer Oswald

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Man, I'd love to help with this project if you needed a few hands. Although, a bit of bias from where I'm located, I don't know if Ottawa would be the best location.


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Core Cafe

The Core Cafe has somewhat of an elaborate backstory, and this post will also include a sample menu.


The year? 1867. The time? Noon. The cafe is set at a perfect view of the Center of the Earth. Now, this cafe didn't all of the sudden appear. No, this place has had a long history.

Jregon Cooper, aged 64. His money incorporates this restaurant. Jregon, being a sucker for food, decided to make this one restaurant that customers would eat and pay.

Construction beginning in 1865, this was the perfect place to build. Jregon was determined to have 3 areas; The Terrace, The View, and The Kitchen.

The Terrace, as it's called, takes place at the entrance of the restaurant which is underground. The only view you'll get is the sun. Jregon had quoted, and as you see on the plaque, "The View will not only have a sun, it'll have a life," and this place does have it. The dirt is alive with insects and bugs. The tables shake when earthquakes take place.

The View is the best area. Having a view of the coaster, this area is perfect for cameras, when they're invented that is. Here, the floor is rock and so are the tables. This area is the most fragile, as any second, the floor could crumble, having the guests really pay for their lunch.

The Kitchen is only a 6-table, reservation only area with views of the chefs. Jregon made sure to only hire the best of the best chefs. The tables are themed to 1860s dining rooms (wood).

The tragedy of this story is in 1867. Opening day, noon. Jregon Cooper, beginning to dedicate, is struck with a heart failure. Jregon had no previous injuries or diseases. Soon after the incident, Jregon was proposed dead.

Back at the restaurant, customers were in shock. Waiters started their shifts mournfully and the day went on. At one time during the day, a waiter claimed to find a will. The only thing on it was, "Let it go." with the meaning unknown. "It" was referred to the restaurant from then on, until 1895.

1895 was the year that every original day waiter left, leaving the restaurant to stay open and die. Cobwebs covered the area, the restaurant was truly dying. When the year 1900 came around, Jacob Breaker, who also ran the Hotel Francisco (coming later), vowed to bring the restaurant back from the dead.

At $50,000, Jacob would redo the whole restaurant, taking cobwebs out, making more theme to it, and hiring the best staff. The transition started in 1902, until 1903, when Jacob Breaker unexpectedly died that year at 56 years old.

After many years, the restaurant rotted, and customers dwindled down. The deaths were so tragic, but all was unknown. What guests and Jregon didn't know was that a horrible monster was cursed to the mountain and the land the restaurant sat on, and that's how both died.

Finally, in 1992, it was discovered about the deaths. The word was out, there was even a reward for killing the monster. The monster, however, died 3 years back, and the curse was broken.

Today, the restaurant is covered in cobwebs again, with guests loving the scenery.

Sample Menu

The View Special (Shrimp with coleslaw, and a fresh salad. Includes shrimp, coleslaw, a biscuit, tomatoes, kale, black olives, lettuce, bok choy, carrots, cucumbers, celery, and ranch on the side) - $22.67
Fryer in the Street (Fried chicken with choice on a sandwich. On the side is a choice of fries or mega tots. Includes fried chicken, an optional bun, olive oil, french fries and/or mega tots) - $14.68
L'Omelette Superb avec Jambon (Basically ham and eggs.) - $18.99
The Creature Meat (Steak served on top of mountain shaped mashed potatoes. Comes with a choice of fresh salad. Also served with veggies shaped like a creature. Includes steak, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, kale, black olives, lettuce, bok choy, carrots, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and ranch on the side.) - $26.12

Tuna Day Sandwich (Tuna on a white bun with crackers crumbled inside, and sprinkled cheese. Includes tuna, white bun, crackers, and cheese.) - $16.99
Peanut Butter Ham And Cheese Tuna Egg Sandwich (4 decker, mega sandwich with all the favorite sandwiches. Includes peanut butter, ham, cheese, tuna, eggs, bacon, pepper, salt, white bread, and chips. Peanut allergy warning.) - $19.99
Serious Cereal Supreme (Choice of Rice Krispies or Cocoa Puffs. Cereal dipped in sugar coded with sprinkles. Cereal as choice of on the side or in sandwich. Also substitutes with oatmeal. Strawberries or bananas can be ordered also. Incluedes Rice Krispies or Cocoa Puffs or oatmeal, sugar, sprinkles, wheat bread, strawberries, and bananas) - $14.54

Kids Menu
Little Creature Nuggets
(Chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs, french fries, and applesauce. Includes chicken, fries, and applesauce.) - $10.99
Little Decker PB&J (Classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with applesauce. Includes peanut butter, strawberry or grape jelly, white bread, and applesauce. Peanut allergy warning.) - $8.99
The Big Boy Proves (Fried chicken or chicken tenders with french fries, tater tots, applesauce, and carrots. Includes chicken, fries, tater tots, applesauce, and carrots.) - $11.99
Classic Ham And Cheese Favorite (Ham and Cheese Sandwich with french fries and applesauce. Includes ham, cheese, fries, and applesauce.) - $8.99


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The Peoplemover

Ah, yes. A Walt Disney classic. This version has guests seated in an enclosed tram, with all windows open, letting cool air roam.

The entrance to this Peoplemover is next to the Tron coaster. This post is going to have a ride-through with narration.

"Welcome aboard the Peoplemover! Today, we'll be travelling around Tomorrowland, starting with the Tron coaster. As we journey into this building, it will get dark but it's lit up with the greatest shades of blue you've ever seen.

Along the way, we'll be following a system of areas, finding out how they work. For now, I'll get out of the way but step in when needed. Thank you.

Welcome back from you trip in Tron. The next thing we'll visit is the greatest walkthrough, Home of Tomorrow. This nice, calming attraction is where you'll get to see the newest technology in Tomorrowland. As we approach, notice the domes around the yard. Those domes are filled with the nutrients that plants need.

Next up is Autopia Presented By: Chevrolet! Thanks to the people of Chevrolet, we can now see the future of travel. This attraction is fit for any age, from toddler to elder. Vroom everyone!

Moving along we go as we approach Journey to the Center of the Earth. There's a creature that lurks there. Or, if you like meat, you can actually eat the creature at the great Core Cafe, with stunning views of Mount Prometheus and its coaster.

We're now coming up to Journey into Imagination. Join Figment and the Dreamfinder as they imagine one little spark! One little spark, one little spark, ONE LITTLE SPARK!

Last but not least, we're here at Tomorrowland Transit Station where you can board the Disneyland Train. This station accommodates waiting needs until the train comes to a complete stop. Choo, choo!

Here we go, our last loop around Tomorrowland! I'll leave you here but I hope to see you again soon."

The ride'll be around 10 minutes long.

More about the tram is that the colors will be green with lines of yellow. It's more of a subway look, but without the metal looks. They won't be that tall, either.


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Toy Story Land

Toy Story Backyard is to the left of Tomorrowland and behind Fantasyland.

Toy Story Backyard is home to 3 attractions, 2 shops, and 1
restaurant. The land is going to be where you and other guests are smaller than the backyard with mega toys lying around.

RC Racers
Slinky Dog Dash
Alien Swirling Saucers

Sheriff Woody's Roundup
Buzz Lightyear's Blasters

Pizza Planet

Toy Story Backyard is the smallest land in Disneyland Ontario. Some will say that it is a sub-land to Hollywood Backlot but it's its own land. This concludes Toy Story Backyard.


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Fantasyland is one of my favorite lands to right about, especially this one. This Fantasyland is split up into multiple sub-lands. The sub-lands are; Fantasia Gardens, Disney Fantasies, Splash Lagoon, and Goofy's Circus.

Fantasia Maze
Escape From Bald Mountain
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Alice in Wonderland
Pinocchio's Daring Journey
Snow White's Noble Adventures
it's a small world
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Peter Pan's Flight
Splash Mountain
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
The Barnstormer
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Disney's Philharmagic 3D
Fantasyland Train Station

Fantasia Broom-Stock
Sir Mickey's
Art of Disney
Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique
Bonjour! Village Gifts
Castle Couture
Colors of Moana
The Briar Hatch
Hundred Acre Goods
Honey Potters
The Big Top
Goofy About Cotton Candy
Dumbo Doublers

Fantasia Assorted
Sorcerer Soups
Be Our Guest!
Snow White's Royal Table
The Tastes of Hawaii
Village Haus
Briar Brunch and Dinner

Fantasyland is the largest land with 15 attractions, 13 shops, and 7 restaurants.

Fantasyland also has the Key Bridges, which are pathways to almost every other land. The biggest Key Bridge is Beast's Castle, the castle of Disneyland Ontario.

As guests enter this attraction from what looks like a cave, they can see art depicting Disney's Fantasia, especially Night on Bald Mountain. The first queue room is just art that comes to life to recreate the animated version. Disney does its magic again. The queue weaves around art and objects, before going into the second room. The second room is all about skeletons. Guests will weave around skeletons and finally meet the boarding room.

Ride Stats:
Type: Dark Ride
Length: 6 minutes
Vehicles: Rocks
Vehicle Stats: 4 people per car
Vehicle Number: 30
Maximum Guests at Once: 120

Scene 1:
After leaving the boarding station and slowly ascending up, guests can look around them and find holographic ghosts moving up with them. From knights to village folk, the ghosts keep coming. While this is happening, the music from Night on Bald Mountain plays throughout the ride. Slowly, guests curve to the right, and come to a mountain.
Scene 2: As guests keep a steady slow pace, they can see the mountain turn and turn into a monster. This monster is summoning the skeletons to him, and the guests are some of them. As guests approach the mountain, they twist and turn until they get to about stomach height.
Scene 3: Guest find themselves going up and down, keeping an eye on the monster. After some time, the monster slashes a finger st the guests, they descend a bit quicker into fire. The fire around them is a mix of Disney magic, and real fire.
Scene 4: In the fire, guest see skeletons lying there, until quickly, the fire goes away. The guests are now watching afar, seeing the monster fade back into a mountain, and skeletons weaving back down the mountain to their respectful graves.
Scene 5: The final scene is where the guests go through grave sites, watching skeletons lay back to rest. The guests soon see the mountain from afar again, and go under it as guests are shuffled back to the station, and the music goes piano, or quiet.]


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Hollywood Backlot

Hollywood Backlot is a land that is made for the movies! This land's cast members are dressed in place and act as if it were 1930s Hollywood.

When walking into the land, guests definitely notice the Earth fountain in the middle. The facades of the buildings are made with sets, but are very ornate and painted to look as real as it can be. Guests will probably not be able to tell.

Golden Dreams Starring Idina Menzel
The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow
MuppetsVision 3D
The Great Movie Ride

Lights, Camera, Action! Prop-erty Shop
Golden Gifts
Movieland Memorabilia

ABC Presents

To get this straight, The Great Movie Ride is not like the one in Hollywood Studios, this is a Star Tours type ride.

Guests are welcomed by the Graumen Theater facade. The first part of the queue is outside, where guests walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After walking on some famous stars, guests slowly make there way into the building itself. The second part of the queue is very familiar to the one in Hollywood Studios. The last part is a short pre-show. Then, the boarding dock, where guests board Star Tours type vehicles.

Ride Stats:
Type: Simulator
Length: 7 minutes
Vehicles: Star Tours Type (Don't know the actual name)
Vehicle Stats: 36 people per vehicle
Vehicle Number: 6
Maximum Guests at Once: 216

Scene 1: The first scene has guests rushing through Hollywood. As guests approach the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory, the scene quickly switches to entering the Graumen Theater.
Scene 2: Guests proceed through the theater, passing through the movie screen and into the move, The Wizard of Oz. Everything turns to beautiful Technicolor as Munchkins surround the screen.
Scene 3: Guests go down the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City before a green smoke emits. It's the Wicked Witch. "I don't think so my pretties!" the vehicle halts. The wicked witch throws the vehicle back and guests quickly realize there now in hyper-speed in...
Scene 4: Star Wars! A quick slingshot from Oz to space as we approach the Death Star. We veer to the left slightly passing the Death Star. The vehicle dips down back to Earth and guests find themselves being chased by dinosaurs in, Jurassic Park.
Scene 5: Probably the most intense scene, guests feel the booms and vibrating as the dinos roar. Guests wind through trees and bushwhack through the forest to escape, but it's too late. A Tyrannosaurus Rex is right in front of the vehicle, roars (and water actually sprays the guests), and goes for the kill.
Scene 6: The screen goes dark, and an animatronic appears at the bottom left, outside of the screen. "Don't worry, we'll get you home safely... I think." he says. The animatronic disappears and the screen comes back on showing "Loading...".
Scene 7: The final scene is guests journeying through the animated move, The Jungle Book. Mowgli and Baloo ride along the river and sing, "The Bare Necessities". This is a perfect ending as the words "The End" come up elegantly.]


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Pacific Wharf

I am so happy to present the most elaborate land at Disneyland Ontario. Located to the upper left of Hollywood Backlot and behind Adventureland, Pacific Wharf is a small but detailed land. There's a story that goes with this land though, and this man is used with almost every attraction here. He's also familiar.

Jacob Breaker of San Francisco was the mogul of the moguls. He owned a whole part of 1900s San Francisco, up until his unexpected death at 56 in 1903. Really, his story starts in 1899, the year Hotel Francisco opened.

Hotel Francisco was a ten year projects, starting in 1889. Jacob Breaker hired the best men from New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The project called for a 15 story hotel, a restaurant, and the first "lift".

Hotel Francisco quickly turned its cheek in 1901, 2 years after it opened. The hotel was subject to an earthquake, common for San Francisco. Hotel Francisco was left cracked right down the middle, leaving the first ever elevator (lift) to crash and be stuck at the 13th floor.

Today, Hotel Francisco is now the Tower of Terror, open to guests at Pacific Wharf.

Then, back to 1900, when Pacific Wharf officially opened under Jacob Breaker's name. The quaint area of San Francisco was beautiful. Although, Jacob Breaker wanted more. He heard about Core Cafe in 1900 and quickly bought it and fixed it up. That's where the story comes to a close.

The refurbishment went until 1903, when Jacob Breaker died unexpectedly at the age of 56.

Jacob Breaker's cheery spirit is still within present-day Pacific Wharf, with the land happily running but with the looming Tower of Terror.

Pacific Wharf's wonderful detail gives the award of most detailed.

Tower of Terror
California Screamin'

Magasin du Francisco Montant
Pier Prudentials
Le Christmas Shoppe

'99 and Wharf
Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

Pacific Wharf posts are not over, as we've yet to discover Tower of Terror.


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Tower of Terror

Ah yes, 1901 in San Francisco. Thanks to Jacob Breaker, we have the best hotel... or had. You see, the Pacific Quake made Hotel Francisco suffer. The hotel quickly died out. There was a crack straight down the middle of the building, leaving the first elevator stuck at the 13th floor.

Plans for the hotel started in 1886, with Jacob Breaker being the most wealthiest man in America. His purpose was not to be greedy, but to create a place to stay for guests in California. His "Project: SFR" called for a 15 story hotel, a restaurant, and multiple string shops. He also wanted to make sure there were incredible views and beautiful landscapes.

The project took effect on July 17, 1889. The first building to start was Hotel Francisco. Jacob Breaker loved the idea. He helped a lot with his crew to build this, not afraid to get his hands dirty.

1899 marked the official opening of Pacific Wharf. Guests flocked to the wharf and the hotel became quickly full. The restaurant was crowded even on off days. Shops were overcrowded. Nobody cared. Jacob Breaker loved the money he was making and kept some of it. During 1900, befor the fall of the hotel, Breaker gave $15,000 to charities across the U.S.

In 1901, the Pacific Quake struck Pacific Wharf, leaving Hotel Francisco to close and crash. 40,000 people were killed, and the crack left the first ever elevator stuck on the 13th floor.

To this day, nobody knows about the hotel, or if it's haunted.


Starting off, under an awning, guests can see banners saying, "HOTEL REOPEN".

Guests weave around under the awning, until seeing the hotel doors swing open.

As guests walk through the doors, more queue paths line the lobby, and guests can see stained glass windows depicting the hotel in its full glory and Jacob Breaker. Before the ride there's a pre-show in the office, then more queue.

The last part of the queue is in the boiler room. Guests weave around boiler room machines, and can here hotel guests checking in.


(A stained glass window lights up)
Narrator: The rise of 1900. Hotel Fancisco lights up Pacific Wharf.

Jacob Breaker: Hello and welcome.

Narrator: The days have come and gone, the hotel at a strong point. Until... The August of 1900, something fills the air. People watch in horror as the Pacific Quake takes down Hotel Pacific.

Guards: Go... Run!

Jacob Breaker: All the staff get out, now!

(The glass goes dark and to the side guests see a model Hotel Francisco split right down the middle)

Narrator: And now, the first ever elevator is stuck at the 13th floor.

(The glass lights up again)

Narrator: In the dawn of 1903, Jacob Breaker, owner of the hotel, dies at 56 unexpectedly. To this day, guests dare to journey inside this "Tower of Terror".

(The glass shatters, and guests are ushered to the last queue area)


"For your safety, please stay seated with your seat belt fastened. Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the elevator. Thank you."

After boarding the elevator, guests go back and up to the first scene. This scene shows a stained glass window showing the original Hotel Francisco. The glass shakes and cracks right down the middle. As the stained glass window moves away, an animatronic Jacob Breaker comes in. "Come, stay awhile!". The elevator doors close, and guests lift up again.

Once the elevator doors open, the elevator presses forward and brushes the side of the original elevator. After going forward for a bit, guests stop in front of a mirror and dresser. "Say farewell to Pacific Wharf".

As guests wave, the elevator quickly goes up, and guests can see the outside. After a second or two, the elevator drops rapidly and goes back up again. Guests see the outside once more, but a bit higher. Suddenly, the elevator jerks down, showing another window. Then, the elevator drops again.

Lastly, the elevator goes up again, but this time, showing a diorama of a hallway. Lighting strikes, and guests plummet again for the last time, except for high peak days, then the elevator goes up once more.

The elevator is pulled back and turns to either the left or the right, depending on which of the 4 elevators guests are on. The doors open, the seat belts are unlocked, and guests are out.

Final Words

In my opinion, this is my favorite ride to design. We are far from over in Disneyland Ontario Resort, but we will get through it. See you soon for the next land.


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Adventureland is different than any other Adventureland. There's a whole other sub-land which is Dino Fair. There's also the normal Adventureland attractions.

Palm trees, bushes, and buildings reside in this land.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Tarzan's Treehouse
Haunted Mansion
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Primeval Whirl


Agrabah Bizarre
Indiana Jones Outpost
Haunted Goodies
Dinosaur Bones

Cafe de Mansion
Cannonball Cove

We are almost to the final land, Frontierland. Please join me before we discover Festival Disney and the hotels.


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Welcome pioneers to Frontierland. Here we go back in time and discover the cowboy ways in the Ol' Wild West!

The scenery incorporates logs in buildings, as if every shop and restaurant is in a log cabin. Some buildings are right on the water and are themed as 1800 buildings.

In the middle of Tom Sawyer Waterway, there's a boat that is converted into a restaurant for guests who want a little extra.

During the day, cowboys, horses, and Indians may come out and reenact some fights.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Country Bear Jamboree

Ol' Emporium
Western Ward
Golden Horseshoe Art Gallery
Big Thunder Photos

Golden Horseshoe

This brings us back to Main Street, where we end our Disneyland Ontario tour. Now, before we get into Festival Disney, we're going to discover parking and transportation.​