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DISNEYLAND FOREVER - Photos/Video, Reviews & Thoughts


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The new Disneyland Forever fireworks/projection spectacular has its first performance tonight for cast members before its media premiere on May 21. Public performances begin May 22 during the 24 hour kick-off event. Post any pictures, videos, reviews, etc. here!



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First! ;) Cant wait for my trip! I wont be returning to this thread or any other thread about the 60th until i have returned..... don't want to spoil it!


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If Paint The Night is the 60th headliner, and World of Color Celebrate! is the 60th's sleeper hit, then I think Disneyland Forever will be the big bruiser heavyweight that puts a giant exclamation point on each evening of the Diamond Celebration summer. If I wasn't in mixed company on a family website, I might also say that Disneyland Forever is the, um... twin circular objects of the 60th entertainment offerings.

I've seen this fireworks show testing for many nights the last few weeks from my hillside home in Villa Park. And I've been watching Disneyland fireworks from there for 20 years. Disneyland Forever is quite clearly the biggest and baddest show they've ever done. With the in-park projection effects and rooftop elements, this one will be impressive and jaw-dropping and memorable.

Video and pictures online won't do this show justice, as it never does when it comes to fireworks. But this looks like it's going to be a very big and chest thumping kind of a show!
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That's a great photo! It all starts tomorrow. I feel like I'm having Déjà vu. It's the same excitement I felt for the 50th, only a little stronger because I'm an adult and not a thirteen-year old. Crazy its been ten years already.

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I'm going to have to find a new spot. I usually stand in the street by the refreshment corner, looks like I have to move back a few hundred feet so I can see the projections on Main St USA also.
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