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Disneyland donations by the numbers during the pandemic - OCR/SCNG


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>>Disneyland has donated more than $20 million in the past year as the coronavirus pandemic closed Disney’s Anaheim theme parks with surplus food and merchandise going to local community organizations and childcare essentials helping families in need.

The donations from Disneyland have ranged from novelty Mickey Mouse plush toys to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge popcorn buckets to essential food pantry items.

Since the closure of Disney’s Anaheim theme parks, Disneyland donations have included:

  • 500,000 pounds of food shipped to local food banks
  • 258 shipping pallets of Mickey Mouse and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge popcorn buckets and novelty sipper cups
  • 265 shipping pallets of Disney plush toys and reusable bags
  • 21 shipping pallets of Disneyland clothing and apparel

Disneyland food donations have ranged from fresh vegetables to frozen meat to pantry items. The food donations have also featured signature dishes prepared by Disney chefs — including Walt Disney’s favorite chili.

Early in the pandemic, Disneyland contributed all packaged snacks from the resort to support food distributions in Anaheim’s school districts.

Disneyland donations during the pandemic have benefited local nonprofits and community organizations such as Orange County Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Community Action Partnership of Orange County, MOMS Orange County, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Anaheim and Cypress, Anaheim Community Foundation, Anaheim Public Library Foundation, CHOC Children’s Hospital, Salvation Army, American Cancer Society, Caterina’s Club, Islamic Circle of North America Relief, Illumination Foundation, Higher Ground, Latino Health Access, Goodwill of OC, Child Creativity Lab, Abilities OC, Anaheim Family YMCA, Inside the Outdoors, Grandma’s House of Hope, Giving Children Hope, Pure Game and Friends of the Santa Ana Zoo.<<
I did not know they did this. I do not think most people realize the hefty labilities of a company donating food. I am sure a lot of that donation valuation was considering Disney's resale value and not street value. It also shows they had good information on the fact they were not going to reopen for a long time.

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