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Disneyland Canada

The Lochness Monsta

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That actually looks pretty cool, it really keeps with the theming very well.

These rides always make be sick though so I probably wouldn’t do it. That’s too long of a fall for my puke. I wouldn’t want to give the people below a gross surprise.
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
----- (motorcycle rollercoaster, similar to tron)


The vehicles would be similar to the above image, but with more openness like a Space Mountain vehicle at Magic Kingdom.

Ride-wise it would feel like a combination of Tron Lightcycle and Cosmic Rewind, when it comes to style and speed. But based on what you see, appearance wise it would be more like the classic 20,000 Leagues attraction.

One of the most pivotal scenes would involve escaping a large Octopus. That is trying to destroy the riders vehicle.

Goofy Ninja

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Vehicle-wise if it's more shuttle like then it would make it a vastly different ride. It would probably be more similar to Space Mountain in Paris.

The Lochness Monsta

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The thing that interests me is Ben from Treasure Planet. He's so off the wall that it's hilarious.

Disney was going through a weird phase (when it came to their animation) in the late 90's and early 2000's. The films were so different that many of them missed the mark. But they were different which was refreshing.


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It would be cool to see what can be done with Figment and Dreamfinder.

As long as they aren't those new age lame versions of steampunk. They're on the Disney Channel level of lameness.

Figment would look pretty badass in a top hat and goggles though.
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It would look just like Disneyland’s version of Fantasyland, but on a larger scale. It is made up of a set of old cottages in a cobblestoned town. Themed to the certain characters, for instance Pinocchio’s home looks like Geppettos’ workshop.

The Good Side (part 1 of 2)


----- (boat ride, similar to pirates of the caribbean)
----- (the ride plays out just like the movie, ending with an escape from monstro)


----- (rail suspended, similar to peter pan)
----- (experience what it feels like to fly like dumbo himself)


----- (dark ride, similar to snow white’s enchanted wish)
----- (finally cinderella gets her own dark ride, see her from her humble beginnings until her fairytale ending)


Alice in Wonderland
----- (trackless, similar to ratatouille)
----- (just like the classic movie this ride is a little… okay a lot weird)
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