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Disneyland Brazil Resort - An SAU Original


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Welcome one and all to the Disneyland Brazil Resort!
The Resort is Disney's 7th Resort set to open sometime in the mid-2020s.

Resort Location

Nestled in-between the major cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Resort destination is connected via a high speed rail line taking commuters to and from the city hubs to the Disneyland Brazil Resort (DLBR)

Resort Map

DLBR is planned to have one major theme park on opening day - Disneyland Brazil (DLB)

Surrounding DLB are the resorts two hotels, Disney's Vitoriano Resort & Spa situated on the beachfront shoreline. And Disney's Stamford Harbor Hotel, docked near Disney Waterfront section of the Downtown Disney Shopping District. Adjacent to the Resort amenities is the Disney Cruise Line Port, which services various cruises throughout the year, connecting the resort with the global Disney market across the Atlantic.

Connecting the entire resort along with the Cruise Line Port is the Disneyland Monorail System. This Mark IX design is the most sophisticated Disney Monorail System in the Western Hemisphere, shuttling up to 400 guests per train at speeds up to 53 kilometers per hour.

The plans are set, the decisions are ready to go to Burbank to get the green-light.

There's just one problem...

Disneyland Brazil still needs an 'Adventureland'. So they've decided to call in the best of the best imagineers to design a proposal for an Adventureland placed in Disneyland Brazil!

In order to get the full scope of Disneyland Brazil Parque that you're building in and its surrounding resort amenities,

Let's go through it in detail below.


Original Poster
Disneyland Brazil Parque
TS = Table Service Restaurant
QS = Quick Service
S = Shop
M&G = Meet & Greet
WT = Walk-Through
Main Street U.S.A.
1 - Main Street Station (Disneyland Railroad)
2 - Chamber of Commerce
3 - Town Hall
4 - 50s Prime Time Cafe - TS
5 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater - TS
6 - Club 32 - TS
7 - Gardens Plaza - QS
8 - Main Street Bakery (Starbucks) - QS
9 - Emporium - S
10 - Goofy Candy Co - S
11 - Main Street Theater
12 - Soda Fountain - S
13 - Penny Arcade Games

The lands formerly known as ToonTown/Muppet Land now
Saludos Beach

28 - Tron Lightcycle Grid Arena
29 - Ralph Wrecks The Speedway
30 - Rocket to Xanadu
31 - Axiom Theater
32 - Galactic Orbit
33 - Disneyland Railroad Tomorrowland Station
34 - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - QS
35 - Perfect Park Acres - QS

36 - Belle's Castle
37 - Snow White and the Magic Mirror
38 - Cinderella's Carousel
39 - Cinderella's Chateau - WT/M&G
40 - Pooh's Hunny Hunt
41 - Dumbo The Flying Elephant
42 - Peter Pan's Flight
43 - Neverland Play-Area
44 - Through the Rabbit Hole
45 - Mad Tea Cups
46 - it's a small world
47 - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
48 - Frozen Mountain
49 - Olaf's Summer Chateau - QS/S/M&G
50 - Mad Hatter's Tea Party - QS
51 - Cheshire Delights - QS
52 - Hundred Acre Goods - S
53 - Mickey and the Beanstalk - S
54 - The Princess Royal Tea Table - TS
78 - Mother Goose's Silly Symphony
79 - Rhyme & Dime

55 - Splash Mountain
56 - Yellowstone Wilderness Railroad
57 - Western Tram Expedition
58 - The Haunted Mansion
59 - Country Bear Jamboree
60 - Paul Bunyan's Ox Roundup
61 - National Park Canoes
62 - Fort Wilderness - TS
63 - Disneyland Railroad Frontierland Station
64 - Splashin' Place Play Area
65 - Rainbow Ridge - QS/S
66 - Memento Mori - S

67 - Jock Lindsay Hangar Bay - QS
68 - Barbary Bistro - TS
69 - Pirates of the Barbary Coast
70 - Dr. Albert Falls' The Broken Chandelier - TS
71 - Cartindale Cargo - S
72 - Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple
73 - Hightower Hunt
74 - TBD - TS
75 - Lava-Palooza Nighttime Show
76 - Coco: Un Musical Poco Loco
77 - S.E.A. Outpost Interactive Game - WT
78 - Fire Mountain
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While still holding true to the turn of the century Main Street that beckons millions of guests at Magic Kingdom parks around the world, Disneyland Brazil's Main Street continues the story past the turn of the century and into the 1950s. The purpose of the time transition is to see how towns of yesteryear transition in not only facades but offerings, from ornate victorian archetecture to more flashy solid colored designs, as well as offerings such as television, science-fiction films, and soda fountains.

Once through the Main Street Station which is the stop for the Disneyland Railroad that travels around the parque, guests enter a courtyard where they are treated to an unorthodox configuration to the Main Street. Since this takes place years after settlers began the 'Center Street', branching roads and side-streets flank the original street, as guests are lured to explore them after being able to see the majestic Belle's Castle in the distance, accompanied by the beautiful Brazilian mountain ranges.


Throughout the streets guests can dine at old favorites from Disney's Hollywood Studios such as the 50s Prime Time Cafe and the Sci-Fi Dine-in Movie Theater to permeate the 50s vibe to Main Street. Nestled alongside of those on Center Street South, is the Emporium, the largest gift store in the parque, selling a wide variety of Disney merchandise and memorabilia.

On Center Street North, guests can find the Goofy Candy Co shop that sells delectable sugary candies, and find an alley towards the Main Street Bakery, selling pastries, cookies, ice cream, and of course - Starbucks Coffee. The smells penetrate the clean air around the shops and dining options, as smelitzers pump the aromas towards the guests' olfactory senses.


As dusk falls over Main Street U.S.A, guests who are a part of Club 32 can enter the Lounge on the far corner of Center Street South, and dine and scrumptious cuisine and delicious dining delights. It's also a great place to view the nighttime fireworks spectacular, Fairytale in the Stars.



Original Poster
Castle Gardens

Vast and filled with a variety of pathways to explore, the Castle Gardens rival Shanghai Disneyland's Gardens of Imagination for being one of the most immersive and beautiful hubs in all of Disney Parks. Here you can sit on a park bench and relax, taking in the foliage and forestation around you. You can even catch a glimpse of Frozen Mountain towering in the distances of Belle's Castle, perched on top of a mountainside with waterfalls cascading from the peaks into the rivers below.

At night, grab a seat or sit in the large riverside amphitheater and watch the Fairytale in the Stars nighttime spectacular over Belle's Castle.


Original Poster




Bustling and transitioning from the 50s Main Street U.S.A. and the Castle Gardens, Toontown Fair embodies the classic Disney characters in their home country town. With a wide-variety of attractions, walk-throughs, M&G opportunities and more. Toontown has something for the whole family.

Mickey and Minnie's Houses adjacent to one another on the right hand side as you enter into Toontown Fair from the Castle Gardens offer a warm and inviting presence before traveling futher into the land. As you look at the promedande you can see that mostly all of the buildings, windows, and general structures have no straight lines, embodying the true form of a 'toontown' environment.

To the left of the entrance path is Goofy's Sky School, a junior coaster that lasts around 45 seconds and has a minimum height requirement of 35 inches. Geared towards first-time coaster enthusiasts, Goofy takes you up into the Skies over the Toontown Bay, reaching a maximum height of 43 feet in the air with a max drop of 22 feet, with an attraction complete with swirls, dips, and turns.

After taking to the skies, try taking to the seas in a walk-through interactive adventure through Donald's Boat, and a walk through the land of Chip & Dale's Treehouse, with a max height of 32 feet above Toontown, and views gazing back out towards the Castle Gardens Fantasyland, and Belle's Castle.

Meanwhile, you can dine at one of several offerings including Mickey and Minnie's Country Picnic and Daisy's Diner, both Quick-Service options, as well as shop at Pete's Garage and the Five & Dime Stores lining Toontown Plaza. Lastly, join Hewie, Dewey, and Louie in an interactive caravan of fun as they unload several carnival games for the guests to play with, and cause chaos in the process.
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Inspired by Jim Henson's The Muppets, this zainy courtyard shaped land flanks both Tomorrowland and Toontown Fair, as the Muppets acts as a transition from toons to puppets, and the Muppets in Space signage acts as a transitition from the courtyard towards Tomorrowland.

You can even approach Muppets Land from the Castle Gardens extension pathways, in which you enter underneather a large archway heading towards the land's signature attraction - The Muppeteers

The Muppeteers is a D-Ticket dark ride amalgamation of classic Disney attractions the Muppets attempt to recreate, such as the Fozzie Bear Jamboree, and the Hall of Samidents. The out of control experience is narrated and critiqued throughout by the sarcastic duo of Statler and Waldorf, who offer their negative thoughts on the experience as the 6 minute 30 second attraction proceeds. Next to The Muppeteers is the classic show - Muppet*Vision 3D. On the opposite side of that is Gonzo's Chicken Carousel, a quaint kid-friendly flat ride attraction to add extra capacity to Muppets Land.

Lastly, and somewhat ironically, Muppets Land has a signature dining experience and show, called Henson's Revue. Inside this large tiered seating atrium, you are treated to a musical festival put on by the Muppets and connected with Muppet*Vision 3D in the sense that, while the show is going on, several Muppets have to leave, and then come back periodically into the Revue once their Muppet*Vision segment is complete. In addition to ties with the attraction, the restaurant also boasts classic Muppet musical numbers and an all-you-can-eat buffett for the whole family to enjoy, compliments of the Swedish Chef.
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The future that never was, is finally here in Tomorrowland. Walking from either the Castle Gardens, Muppets Land, or Fantasyland, guests become immersed in the high tech neon colorful archetecture that surrounds them. Flashing lights, glimmering facades, and park acres surround you. As you walk down the Avenue of the Planets, you see rising 56 feet above the pathways, Galactic Orbit, a new 'spin' on the Astro Orbitor where 4 guests per rocket can pilot up, down in the front row, and tilting up/down in the back row.

To the left of Galactic Orbit is Ralph Wrecks the Speedway, based on the Disney animated franchise Wreck-it-Ralph, you'll board a speeder and race around an indoor speedway through the various levels guided by Ralph. Guests must be at least 52 inches tall to drive the speeders by themselves.

Across Andromeda Avenue, Ralph Wrecks the Speedway is separated from the Tron Grid Arena, a new dark ride hybrid attraction that combines elements of Tron Lightcycle Power Run and Space Mountain, for a visceral experience unlike any seen before. As you board your Lightcycles you first travel around the 'Grid' before you see Tron and take off on a daring roller coaster adventure through the digital realm. To ride Tron Lightcycle Grid Area you must be 44 inches tall and in good health, free of any back, neck, or any other conditions that may be aggravated by this experience. The tallest spire of the 'Space Mountain' style domed structure reaches 101 feet in the air.

Nestled beyond Tron Lightcycle Grid Arena is the Disneyland Railroad Tomorrowland Station, one of three in the park, and further towards the center of the land is the theater simulator experience, Rocket to Xanadu. Using a similar theater environment to Alien Encounter, Rocket to Xanadu takes guests on an intergalactic flight through a wormhole in a circular theater setting, and projects them to the Planet Xanadu, where astronauts of Tomorrowland have settled. But the signal is intercepted and you end up on Xanadu's Lavendar Moon, home to terrifying aliens and creatures. The astronauts on the Xanadu base camp attempt to help guide your ship back to earth without the aliens on board. You must be at least 44 inches tall to experience this attraction, and it may frighten small children.

Nevertheless, the Axiom Theater which presents a Wall-E interactive presentation is more geared towards children right next door, as guests of all ages can sit in on a presentation done by an animatronic Wall-E about the future of the earth if we take care of it. You can also grab quick service food at Cosmic Ray's and Perfect Park Acres, both good options for lunch or snacks throughout the day in Tomorrowland.


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(Part 1)

In the happiest land of all, Fantasyland, guests can wander through distinct regions of the Castle Courtyard, Storybook Forest, and the Friendship Village

Upon entering the land through the Castle Gardens entrance and past the Fairytale in the Sky amphitheater seating, guests get a first-hand scaled view of Belle's Castle. Sprawling 182 feet in the air, Belle's Castle is among one of the more beautiful Disney Castles in all the Parks and Resorts. Set atop a mountainside with waterfalls and greenery surrounding it, the ambiance of foliage encompasses the guests with an artistic landscape as the icon of the park.

As you walk over the bridge and through Belle's Castle, the story of Beauty and the Beast, among other fairytale princesses, is told through tiled murals on the walls and ceilings. Upon exiting the back half of the Castle, you enter the Castle Courtyard, home to Cinderella and Snow White.

Cinderella's Chateau is a riff on Princess Fairytale Hall and Enchanted Tales with Belle, in that it is a walk-through 'show' but also doubling as a Meet and Greet location for a roundtable of Disney Princesses including Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, and the host of the pavilion Cinderella. Before the Meet and Greet opportunity even begins, there is a story-time with Cinderella as she tells her story while adding in how she met the other princesses, before they arrive to surprise her and the guests. Akin to Enchanted Tales, guests are invited to play along with the live story and play characters throughout. In the center of the Courtyard is Cinderella's Carousel as well for the whole family.

Across the way is a family friendly dark ride but with a bit of a darker twist called Snow White and the Magic Mirror. Follow along on this 2 minute 45 second dark ride experience where you visit the dwarfs in their mine, the forest cottage of Snow White, and see the Evil Queen's plan unfold to poison Snow White with the apple. Following the classic Disney dark ride style, guests are guided along a singular track through the various painted scenes, but with some enhanced projection face animatronics to add to the realism of the attraction.


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(Part 2)
As we approach the Storybook Forest, also known as the English forest given the stories that encompass it, we happen upon Pooh's Hunny Hunt, the trackless dark ride attraction that has gotten rave reviews ever since its inception in Tokyo Disneyland.

Near the exit to Pooh's Hunny Hunt is the Hundred Acre Goods gift shop serving a variety of Pooh memorabilia and even a seasonal Meet & Greet location for Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet.

Next to Pooh's Hunny Hunt is the 'dueling Dumbos' -- Dumbo The Flying Elephant spinner attraction which adds double the capacity with two adjacent spinners. Further into the Storybook Forest is the dark ride Peter Pan's Flight along with the Neverland Play-Area behind it for children.

Peter Pan's Flight maintains the Shanghai Disneyland version's vehicle design, with the swinging motions, as well as the enhanced star projection effects from Disneyland in California. It is one of the ultimate combinations of tech available for Peter Pan attractions in Disney Parks around the world. And moreover, the Neverland area provides young children with an adventurous climbing and interactive area near the attraction's exit.

This playful water area and fantastical landscapes transitions seamlessly into the furthest region of the Storybook Forest, 'Wonderland'.


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(Part 3)
Wonderland boasts the end region of Fantasyland and is a transition piece from the colorful and vibrant Neverland Play-Area near the exit to Peter Pan's Flight. Upon entering Wonderland, guests can see the wacky and zainy curves and lush mountainsides that house several activities for the guests to explore.


Through the Rabbit Hole is a D-Ticket family roller coaster experience, that reaches a max speed of 33 mph and a max height of 50 feet. Guests have to be at least 38 inches tall to ride and should be in good health. The attraction takes you through the back valleys of Wonderland as you're 'late for an important date' - you follow the white rabbit as he races against the clock to get to his destination, but in the quest to keep up, you end up tumbling over and through the hills and valleys of Wonderland on this twisty coaster adventure.

As one of the premiere family attractions in the park, the queue is the longest in Fantasyland, winding up and down hills, but shaded by trees from the summer sun. You can even see the coaster overhead as the guests careen on past as you wait.

Nearby are two quick service venues. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party serves exotic quick service items and wacky drinks only found in Wonderland, and is a great family restaurant option, as well as the Cheshire Delights, service ice cream and colorful candies year-round.

Across the way from 'Through the Rabbit Hole is the Mad Tea Cups, which entertain guests in the classic Disney spinner fashion, even having some great views of Belle's Castle simultaneously.


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(Part 4)

Transitioning from one Mary Blair property in Alice in Wonderland to it's a small world, guests sail around the world through the classic boat ride attraction from the 1964 World's Fair. Adjacent to small world is the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction that takes guests in a submarine to the deep to explore the wonders below the surface. Neighboring these attractions is one of the signature attractions of Fantasyland, Frozen Mountain. Board an ice sled omnimover and travel up to Elsa's Ice Castle and throughout a new adventure following Anna, Olaf, and your favorite characters from the Disney franchise 'Frozen'.

This 2,600 guests per hour attraction has a great capacity and no height limit, which provides Fantasyland a much needed people-eater attraction. Frozen Mountain towers over Fantasyland at 168 feet tall, and the attraction itself utilizes an omnimover design similar to Spaceship Earth, where the steep incline and decline of the sleds up and down the interior of the mountain act as support columns for the rest of the mountain. The attraction reaches a peak height of 103 feet before descending back to the surface.

For more dining and shopping in Fantasyland, visit Olaf's Summer Chateau near the exit of Frozen Mountain, which is a combination of quick-service and attraction gift shop. It also serves as a designated Anna and Elsa Meet & Greet location. Meanwhile, back in Belle's Castle, you can dine at the Princess Royal 'Tea' Room - a character dining experience with a rotating panel of characters such as Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and more.

Lastly, you can visit the Mickey and the Beanstalk gift shop in the Storybook Forest, across the way from Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

By @Disney Dad 3000

Taking influences from Silly Symphony classics Old King Cole and Mother Goose Melodies and the celebrity angle of Mother Goose Goes Hollywood, this track based lap-bar style dark ride will take guests of all ages through many of the well-known Mother Goose nursery rhymes accompanied by a fantastic musical score. The score of the ride will take from those original films and be re-recorded using many of the same sound effects.

Old King Cole is throwing a party in Storybook Land for all manner of nursery rhyme and storybook characters. Using Mother Goose goes Hollywood as a starting point, these rhymes will be portrayed by using numerous Disney characters (in lieu of Hollywood stars) in a fun and whimsical way.

Attraction Vehicle and Stats
To help fully immerse guests into the stories, they will accompany Mother Goose herself in these goose inspired vehicle. Each will accommodate up to 4 guests (two front and back) and be guided throughout the attraction by a track running along the floor through each scene.

Estimated Ride Time: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Estimated Hourly Capacity: 900-1000

To fit the attraction, the Tea Cups were moved into the forested section near the Rabbit Hole Coaster, with Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and 100 Acre Goods then occupying all of that space. The new attraction and shop will occupy a similar but slightly altered footprint from the departed Pooh. Additional landscaping will be added in Wonderland and Storybook Forest around the ride buildings to further disguise and keep theme.


36 - Belle's Castle
37 - Snow White and the Magic Mirror
38 - Cinderella's Carousel
39 - Cinderella's Chateau - WT/M&G
40 - Pooh's Hunny Hunt
41 - Dumbo The Flying Elephant
42 - Peter Pan's Flight
43 - Neverland Play-Area
44 - Through the Rabbit Hole
45 - Mad Tea Cups
46 - it's a small world
47 - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
48 - Frozen Mountain
49 - Olaf's Summer Chateau - QS/S/M&G
50 - Mad Hatter's Tea Party - QS
51 - Cheshire Delights - QS
52 - Hundred Acre Goods - S
53 - Mickey and the Beanstalk - S
54 - The Princess Royal Tea Table - TS
67 - Mother Goose’s Silly Symphony
68 - Rhyme & Dime

Attractions highlighted signify those that were relocated and/or added to Fantasyland

Attraction Layout

The queue itself will fairly simple in nature. Upon entry though, Disney fanatics will recognize some of the familiar tunes of Silly Symphony tunes. Halfway after entering the switchback queue, guests will come upon the Silly Symphony Play Area. Using the mold created by the Dumbo expansion at the Magic Kingdom as part of the New Fantasyland, guests and their children will have the option to enter and enjoy this play area until re-entering the queue.

Using similar tech as found in Image Works, children of all ages will be able to make musical works of art with their bodies in motion through various exhibits. Re-mastered Silly Symphony cartoons will play back to their musical achievements. With a few other playground style items, this area will be a nice diversion for guests. While there is also a play area near Peter Pan, this indoor space will provide a nice respite on a hot Brazilian day.

Ride Through
Having made their way out of the queue, guests will arrive to the load/unload hub. Essentially a scene in the attraction, once the exit point of the queue is reached, the room opens up into an expanse, filled with many story book style trees. Dotted throughout the forest are numerous hardcover replicas of many nursery rhymes and stories from Mother Goose.

Guests exiting their Mother Goose style vehicles will head down the forested path leading towards the Rhyme & Dime gift shop while those ready to begin their journey will take their place. Light string music plays in the background completing the ambiance. Once aboard, the ride begins moving towards the thick forested grove ahead, the trees parting at just the last minute
View attachment 360915

Scene 1 Storybook Land
Welcome to Storybook Land. The ride will move further into the forest and the music in the background shifts to a more upbeat, brass tune. Trumpets blare as if announcing your arrival. On either side, three sets of frogs in royal attire are seen marching along, trumpets in hand.

For Your Listening Pleasure

A long flowing scroll spreads through the trees with numerous nursery rhyme characters names evident and and invited to the castle for a party. Ahead lies a large-bound book; Old King Cole written across it in Olde English. As your goose approaches, the pages of the book open to allow you entry.

Scene 2 Old King Cole
The forest gives way to an idyllic castle and the throne room of one Old King Cole. The opening words to his nursery rhyme appear on the parchment as you enter and are accompanied by vocals in the background.

Old King Cole was a merry old soul
And a merry old soul was……….

The background vocals cut off as riders get their first glimpse of the king. Clad in kingly attire, definitely out of the norm for him, sits one Hades, king of the Underworld aimlessly directing his jovial minions around who are preparing for the party.

Merry am I, yada yada yada.
Work with my here guys, you know that goes over there
(pointing at his staff)

As listless and carefree as Hades is, party prep goes on all around him as simple animatronic figures and cut outs move about the room staging for the other nursery rhyme guests. Exiting the castle, the trumpeting music slows fades as another page leads to the next scene.

Scene 3 Hickory Dickory Dock
Vastly different from the previous scene, guests have now entered the inner workings of a life-size clock. In the background, the light tune Hickory Dickory Dock plays on. All around are gears, knobs, bolts and wire of all various sorts and sizes, twisting and turning in unison. The clock is counting down to the beginning of the party and eventually its close.
View attachment 360916
Amongst all the organized chaos of the clock hides one Gurgi, popping his head in and out of various spots inside the clock. As you enter further, the clock hand can be heard turning and finally gonging to signal one o’clock. Completing the scene, Gurgi is shown scampering his way out of the clock, high-tailing it for the party one would presume.

Scene 4 It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
Leaving the din of the clock leads to our next nursery rhyme and the gentle patter of a heavy rain. The ride enters a grand bedroom filled with all manner of decorative furnishings. A large window to the side leads to a terrace and evidence of the rain heard upon entry. The patter of the rain mixes with the rattle and shaking of the furniture for a full symphony of sounds.

The peaceful rain is then broken by the wall-shattering bellow of a hideous beast. All of the furniture can be seen slightly shaking, and as you make your way further into the bedroom, you find out why. Sprawled out on a double king sized bed, lies the Beast. He’s asleep as one can get, and snoring loud enough to wake the dead.

On his head sits the biggest knot once can imagine, rising and falling with each snore as he’s bumped his head during the night. He will be one cranky beast when he wakes up for the party, if he wakes up that is.

Scene 5 Little Bo Peep
The bedroom doors open into a beautiful, quiet countryside soundtracked by a light harp. The nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep is scrawled on the parchment as you enter. In the background can be hard the Baaa, Baaa of sheep and the whimsical tunes from a flute and clarinet, but there are no sheep in sight.

Oh no, I’ve lost my sheep
Where oh, where can these sheep be?
Who are we kidding?
Whose bright idea was it to make a dragon tend the sheep?
I’m a dragon people. Draaagggon.
When is this party at by the way?

View attachment 360917

Halfway into the dialogue, Mushu comes into view seated atop a rocky outcropping. Chin in hand and waving the other towards the countryside beyond him. There you spot the sheep, way too afraid to return to their tender.

Scene 6 There was an Old Woman

View attachment 360918

Making your way around the grazing hills of the sheep, you happen upon a large, old and worn shoe in a grove of trees. A flustered voice is heard as you come across one Mad Madam Mim waving her wand about wildly, her cottage turned into a less than ideal home for a witch.

There was an old witch who lived in a shoe,
She tried her magic to change it, but didn’t know
What to do.
She failed so many times, the strings turned into knots,
Once again, tricked by Merlin, she’s now covered in spots

Making your way around the shoe, you see Mim once more, as cranky and frustrated as ever. The appears even more gnarled and twisted than before, and of course, Mim is covered in spots, a victim of her own failed spells.

Scene 7 Hey Diddle Diddle
The pages of There was an Old Woman lead to a darkened, opened expanse of land lit brightly by the moon shining above. An odd pairing appears as you happen upon a cat and a dog having a moonlit picnic. As riders approach, a fiddle solo begins, courtesy of said cat.

Various utensils and serving ware can be seen marching away during the song. As if this odd scene wasn’t enough, colorful humpback whales are shown flying over the moon in the distance.

Scene 8 Rub a Dub Dub
The ambiance of the moonlit scene is suddenly broken after turning the page into our next rhyme. Ocean waves rise and fall all around you under a piercing sunlit sky. Ahead lies a bathtub of a all things, filled with three distinctive characters. A dancing guitar solo leads the background instrumentals.

View attachment 360919
Rub a dub dub, three
Birds in a tub
And who do you think were there?
The rooster, the parrot, the duck who’s
A sailor
And all of them shaking a feather.

The Three Caballeros, at their zany best, are partying it up on the ocean, in this oddest of vessels. Fish are seen popping in and out of the water to the music. Making your way through a few more waves, you leave the caballeros behind as Donald has fallen out and is bobbing in and out of the water as Jose and Panchito try to pull him out.

Scene 9 Old Mother Hubbard
As guests make their last stop to peek in on the assorted nursery rhyme guests of Old King Cole getting “ready”, they’ll happen upon the barebones structure of a home. There is little color, nary a bite to eat and it’s far from the upper crust fanciness of society in the village. The tense notes of base violins lead the background music.

Lady Tremaine, or Wicked Stepmother Hubbard, is seen scrounging about her belongings, looking for anything suitable to wear. No fairy godmother apparently making their way to her home tonight.

Scene 10 The Finale
With that, guests find themselves back at the castle and the hospitality of a somewhat jovial Hades/Old King Cole. All of the characters made it from their stories, some a little worse for ware, and are partying away in the castle. Movement fills permeates the scene as the characters make simple motions on their bases, all of the objects about magically move in time with the music. The score builds up to a crescendo as the clock can be heard striking midnight.

Time for everyone to return to their story.

Rhyme & Dime
After exiting Mother Goose’s Silly Symphony, guests make their way into the Rhyme & Dime. This eclectic looking store has all things nursery rhymes where you can purchase printings of the actual Mother Goose, or the Disneyfied version as well. Here you can also find newly minted Silly Symphony swag, from t-shirts, recordings and songbooks from all of those original shorts.​
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(Part 1)
Howdy partners! Welcome to Frontierland, the gateway to the west in Disneyland Brazil. Much like Fantasyland, Frontierland is divided up into sections. The Tall Tales Forest and Rainbow Ridge. As you walk through Fort Wilderness in the Tall Tales Forest section of the land and towards the main promenade, you can stop in as see the Country Bear Jamboree, the classic animatronic show connected to Fort Wildreness. Fort Wilderness also doubles as a table service restaurant on two floors of the fort, offering homestyle food and panoramic views of Frontierland.

Venturing out into the 'west' - the signature attraction of Frontierland is the Western Tram Expedition. A dark ride hybrid attraction, the expedition takes guests up to the top of the Thunder Mesa Mountain Range where cowboys and bandits have tried to stake out their territory to grab the gold that is buried underneath.

The ride vehicles are swinging trams that rise, dip, and twist through the canyons. As you zip through the mountain range and colorful canyons, you try and escape the clutches of the bandits that inhabit the area before it's too late.

This attraction is thrilling yet family friendly, with a height requirement of 40 inches. The attraction reaches a peak height of 70 feet in the air, and the Thunder Mesa Mountain Range has a peak height of 132 feet tall.

Connected inside the Thunder Mesa Mountain Range, is the Yellowstone Wilderness Railroad. A spin on the classic Nature's Wonderland Railroad, this slow moving train ride goes through the mountain range, visiting the beautiful sites and sounds from Thunder Mesa and Rainbow Ridge.

You can even see some of the critters and animals in their natural habitats throughout the attraction, an homage to the classic Dioramas seen in Disneyland.

The 5 minute train journey ends in a thrilling fashion however, you come upon bandits from the Western Tram Expedition setting explosives to blow up the Trams as they come soaring down. The finale though goes wrong for the bandits, as the dynamite slips down into a molten pit and blows up out of harms way saving the Trams as they zip overhead of you to safety.
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(Part 2)
As we reel back in to the attractions of the Tall Tales Forest, we can take a National Park Canoe over to Fort McKinley Island where you can go exploring through caves, canyons, and through Lewis and Clark expedition posts from when they traveled the western frontier.

The canyons have some special effects inside where they can illuminate and shift colors throughout the day and into the night. A great place for some family exploration.

Also in the Tall Tales Forest is the Paul Bunyan's Ox Roundup flat ride attraction. Using similar technology to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, the Ox Roundup attraction lasts around 1 minute and 20 seconds, and takes guests on a 'round-up' spin around the tall trees of the forest. Further into the Tall Tales forest we have the zip a dee doo dah ride - Splash Mountain. Board a log flume and head up to the top of Chickapin hill and down a 50 foot plunge into the Briar patch below. Guests must be at least 40 inches tall to ride Splash Mountain. For guests not tall enough to ride, the Splashin' Place is a fun kid zone near the exit to the attraction if they older siblings want to ride, parents can watch their kids play on a miniature Splash Mountain climbing set.

In addition - The Haunted Mansion lures in guests in this section of Frontierland, with a wilderness spin on the classic Disney attraction, similar to Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, with the attraction gift shop, Memento Mori across the way. Near The Haunted Mansion is the Disneyland Railroad Station for Frontierland, with stops at Tomorrowland Station and Main Street U.S.A. coming on the journey around Disneyland Brazil.

Lastly, gearing back towards the Rainbow Ridge section of Frontierland, the main avenue through Rainbow Ridge is lined with small eclectic shops and souvenir stands unique to Frontierland, as well as a quick service round-up location near the exit to the Western Tram Expedition.
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Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney will offer a unique "outside the park" experience to all guests, divided into three sections; Lado Oeste, The Waterfront, and Vila de Canias.

Lado Oeste
Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolor of Brazil)
(Table Service)
Serving traditional food of Brazil this is a must do restaurant for everyone! Pay attention to all the details you never know if it’s a bird or a plant!

Café do Aracuan (Café Aracuan)
(Quick Service)

Based on the Aracuan Bird from the Three Caberllos and his Café do Samba from Melody Time this is a fun and musical café for the young and the young at heart. While you’re here remember to have the signature drink Samba Levanta! (Samba Up!)

Ao vivo Samba na Celebração Jardim (Live Samba at Celebration Gardens)
(Entertainment - Live Music)
Daily at Celebration Gardens experience the beat and the music of the Samba! Gather around the stage and hear the band play it and you dance it! For more information check your times guide.

Fronteira Brasil (Border Brazil)
(Brazilian Steakhouse) (Table Service)

Serving Brazilian Steak like never before! Fronteira Brasil is something like never before with delicious food and great drinks this will be a can’t miss restaurant for everyone!

Carnaval Traders
Wish you could buy a souvenir from Carnaval, but it’s not being hosted well wish no more as your wish has been granted! Carnaval Traders will make sure you find the right souvenir for memories of your trip to the DLBR.

Clube de Frevo (Club Frevo)
(Dance Club/Bar)
Dance and celebrate to the Carnaval beat of Frevo! Like never before you can dance to the live beat of the Club’s All Frevo Band!

Streets of Samba
(Entertainment - Parade/Street Party)
Nightly at 7 PM come out and celebrate the spirit of Brazil and of Samba! With 3 floats hosting a random selection of characters and Jose Carioca. Feel the beat of Carnaval here and dance along!
(There will 5 characters including Jose Carioca. Characters Possible : Genie, Caballero Donald, Panchito, Mushu, Timon, The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, Baloo, King Louie, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Sebastian, Lumiere, Meeko, Gypsy, Turk, Stitch, Lilo, Remy, Emile, Sullivan, Bolt, Louis, and Olaf are all possible appearances)
(A special version will happen with bigger and better floats during Carnaval)


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The Waterfront
Colony Theatre : The Little Mermaid
(Entertainment - Stage Show)
Don’t miss the Colony Theatre’s Broadway production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid! Remember to stop by soon as you never know when the next show sails in!

Bongo's Cuban Café
(Table Service)
You can’t visit The Waterfront without visiting Bongo’s Cuban Café. With the music high and lovely Cuban food this is an experience no one will ever forget!
(For more information look at their websitehttp://www.bongoscubancafe.com/ )

The Adventurer's Club
(Table Service/Bar)

Kungaloosh! After years of searching for a new area The Adventurer’s Club the owners discovered and agreed that The Waterfront will be the perfect location for The Adventurer’s Club! They now welcome you to dine and experience the new Adventurer’s Club, and always remember, Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt! (Waterside viewing available, but no show just a broadcast) (Holiday and Specialty Shows Available)

Tropical Cove
(Counter Service)

Tropical Cove is the #1 Tropical Flavored Shaved Ice Vendors on the world! Setting up shop at The Waterfront helps as they bring a new Tropical Flare as never before seen on Shave Ice. (Flavors Available are Guava, Mango, Mamey, Passion Fruit, Star Fruit, Papaya, Baloo’s Prickly Pear, Mandarin, Pineapple, and more traditional flavors such as Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Strawberry-Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Rainbow)

Las Palmeras
(Quick Service)
Like Seafood? Then this is the restaurant for you, and with freshly caught ingredients what could go wrong? (For more information look at their website http://www.laspalmerasrestaurante.com/)

(Quick Service/Bar)
Not in the mood for seafood or forgot to book at Bongo’s? Well don’t fret Arriba! is here to satisfy your taste buds because with Cuban food and drink everything will be bein!

Emeril’s Waterside Bistro (Celebrity Chef’s Emeril Lagasse Restaurant)
(Table Service)
Serving Chef Emeril’s Cuisine on the Waterfront is always great because you know you’re in safe hands with Chef Emeril’s Recipes. (For more information checkout his websitehttp://www.emerilsrestaurants.com/ )

The Lost Boys
Feel like buying Denim well The Lost Boys have everything Denim! Fall in love with this family owned store as you checkout their clothes. (For more information check outhttp://www.lostboydrygoods.com/# the little tabs work no worries)

Roses & Dreams
Want to have a taste of Designer Parisian Clothing well here you go Roses & Dreams a clothing store just for the female demographic! (For more information check out http://www.rosesanddreams.us/)

Waterfront Souvenirs
After notice got around of the beauty of The Waterfront a local opened up the shop to showcase all the wonders to be found in The Waterfront.

Son Unleashed
Son Unleashed is an experience like no other with great and rhymitic music this club is sure to delight the music lover! Feel free to dance to the beat!

Musica Jardin
(Music Garden)

A garden with a central stage hosting three different shows 2 of which are roaming shows that end up on center stage.

Los Habaneras Players
(Entertainment - Live Music)
Daily, they roam the streets playing the Habanera a style of Cuban music and once they get to center stage the singing starts! (For more information check the times guide)

Rumba Famalia (Rumba Family)
(Entertainment - Live Music & Dance)
Daily, it’s hosted on center stage this show has instruments, singers, and dancers to show off this Latin music and routines. (For more information check the times guide)

Pots & Pans
(Entertainment - Nightly Live Music)
Nightly, this group of musicians bring out typical household items and roam while playing popular Latin /Hispanic Songs. This act heads to center stage.


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Wow... this is so incredible!! I love your combination of computer graphics and your own drawings! What software did you use for this?
Thank you!!!

Combination of colored pencils, Planet Coaster, Paint.NET from myself - Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator from @MonorailRed -- Downtown Disney write-up from @tcool123 and in the last post I will show the inspirations behind this Resort and challenge for Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4!


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Vila de Canais
The World of Disney
Similar to all World of Disney around the worlds this store specializes in Disney Merchandise.

Sweet Tooth’s Candy Company
(Quick Service)
Similar to Goofy’s Candy Co., but it’s not as it will also sell Hispanic/Latino Candy and have different interior décor.

The Living Statues
(Entertainment - Streetmosphere)
That’s right the entertainment from Downtown Disney known as the Living Statues comes to join Vila de Canais.

(Quick Service/Bar)

Like sports? Like playing or watching them? Well ESPN Zone is just right for you as there is always a game playing.

Futball Court sponsored by ESPN
GOAL! The Futball Court is themed to the most popular sport in Brazil. With signed photos and balls in places and an overall Futball theme this is sure to delight all.

Tobacco Road
(Bar/Club/Live Music)
Based on the real Tobacco Road before it closed this experience is one no one should ever miss!

The Gondolas Tour
To travel in the waterways around Vila de Canais you must travel in style, you must travel in a gondola.

Bahia Beach
Going for a swim, but forgot your swimming gear? Well no worries Bahia Beach has it all from towels to sunglasses.

Willow Cay
Ever wanted to see the Everglades? Well you can’t at least not here, but here’s the next best thing Willow Cay an odd store selling merchandise themed to the natural and secret beauty that is the Everglades.

Amazon Café sponsored by Landry’s
(Table Service)

Themed to the Amazon and its animals and similar to Rainforest and T-REX Café there would be animatronic animals that move!

Pablo’s Frozen Yogurt
(Quick Service)
Run by the loveable penguin Pablo this Frozen Yogurt is self-service and paid by the ounce so watch out on how much you get!

Skyline Theater
(Entertainment – Movies)
Watch a movie for all the fun you can think of!

The Tea Room sponsored by Teavanna
(Store/Counter Service)

If you’re in the mood for a soothing drink of tea then look no further in The Tea Room where you can drink special teas of all kinds and buy teas of all kinds.

You can even sit outside and gaze across the Dream Lagoon to Disney's Stamford Harbor Hotel on the other side!


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Themed to the a Connecticut Harbor and up towards Newport, Rhode Island - this New England resort is one of Disneyland Brazil Resort's deluxe accommodations. Across the Dream Lagoon from the Downtown Disney Waterfront section with a connecting boat and walkway transportation, this resort is in the heart of Disneyland Brazil. With one signature dining option at the Hampton Coast Cafe, as well as other restaurants and bars throughout the resort - Stamford Harbor has everything you could ask for from a Disney Resort (but no parking fee!)


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