News Disney100 Celebration coming to EPCOT in late 2023


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If I didn’t know any better, I’d think there was never any real plan for this. And I definitely understand faking it ‘til you make it since I do that quite successfully at work, but this is embarrassing.


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When they say this "The Disney100 celebrations this October will be unlike any party Disney has held before, but as Walt Disney once said, “We are just getting started."

Does anyone involved actual reread this and think "should we really be saying this?!"
The way that's worded, it's sort of open to interpretation.

Maybe in a really sneaky way, they're being perfectly honest.

Like "you thought we couldn't do any less after you saw the WDW 50th anniversary? Hold our LeFou’s Brew and stand back! This will be unlike anything you've ever seen (or would want to) from us before!".
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