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Trip Report Disney Zombies: Must Eat Cronuts – An October Trip Report


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I suppose I should explain the title of this report before we get into it. :D My cousin, Pat, began the trip by saying we were “Disney Zombies” and it just kind of stuck throughout the trip. It was true that we did have some similarities to zombies. On this trip there were 8 of us so we moved in a herd. Like zombies, we also had very simple goals; we must visit attractions, eat food and have fun. The similarity to zombies ends there, I promise. :) Towards the end of the trip we began saying in our best zombie voice, “Must eat cronuts. Must eat churros.” It makes me chuckle so I thought it would be a good title for this October (not so scary) trip report.

The Details

Who: Me (Ashley) and my husband (Wes)

My cousin (Kevin) and his wife (Allyson). They were also with us on our November 2012 trip and were joining us again.

My cousin (Pat), his wife (Kim)

and their daughters, (Emily age 11 and Rylee age 6).

When: Monday October 13th – Saturday October 18th

Where: Disney’s Pop Century Resort

This was Rylee’s first trip and it was Emily’s first trip since she was 3. Rylee was 42 inches so she could ride almost all of the attractions, although some of them she skipped since she wasn’t quite mature enough to handle. :) It was Pat and Kim’s first trip in a long time so there were a ton of new attractions for them to see!

This, of course, wasn’t my first trip, but it was Wes and my first time going with kids. The last time I went with kids this young, I was a kid! We were really looking forward to seeing the girl’s reaction to everything. It was our first trip all together and I was looking forward to showing them the wonderful world of Disney!

Monday October 13th – Let the fun begin! :D

Today was an early morning. Our flight was at 6:05am so we were up super early. I didn’t get much sleep since I was too excited to sleep and I had to stay up until midnight so I could book our excursions and Palo dinner for our January cruise. (Tough life, right? :D) I think I had about 3 hours of sleep and then it was time to wake up and head to the airport. We spent the night at my parent’s house since they live close to the airport. Kevin and Allyson were on the same flight so we picked them up and all drove to the airport together. The rest of the group was driving down so we wouldn’t see them until later today.

Security was a breeze and we were to the gate with plenty of time before our flight. Our flight wasn’t even remotely full so we were able to spread out. Wes took a little nap on the flight and I listened to some Disney tunes to start this vacation off right.

So sleepy.

I thought it was very fitting listening to this song on the plane. :D

We arrived in Orlando about 20 minutes early. Sweet! That’s one of the many reasons I love Southwest and early morning flights. We made our way to Disney’s Magical Express around 7:45. (I know because I took a picture of this clock) :D

Pretty empty this morning

We checked in using our handy dandy MagicBands and got in line to board a bus to Pop Century.

We were on a Mears shuttle instead of a DME bus. Boo. I wasn’t too upset though because we got a front row seat!

We’re here!

Pop was the first stop (haha that rhymed!). We checked in and unfortunately our rooms weren’t ready yet so we dropped off our bags with luggage assistance and then made our way to Epcot.

Our rooms were going to be in the 50’s building. :)

It was only 9:30am and we were already at Epcot! We decided that the first attraction of the trip should be Spaceship Earth. It gave me a chance to take a ton of pictures while we waited in line.



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Next up we stopped by the Festival Center to check out the merchandise and pick up some passports.

The night before we had all decided that we wanted to eat at Beaches and Cream before the rest of the group got there. I checked online and there was an 11am reservation available so we booked it. This changing plans last minute thing is so not my style but I’ve been doing it a whole lot more lately. :) It’s this new “go with the flow” style and I’ve got to admit, I kind of like it.

So it was about time for us to walk over to the Beach Club. We stopped to take a few PhotoPass pictures first since we got the Memory Maker for this trip.

Oh man, am I pale. :)

You’ll see the back of Wes’ hat in a lot of my pictures. It’s like my own game of Where’s Waldo. :D

I love an Instagram shot

We were seated at a booth shortly after arriving. We really love Beaches and Cream. The theme here is great and so are the desserts!

Instagram love



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Wes and Allyson got the chicken sandwich, I went with the burger and Kevin got the salmon sandwich.

Everyone loved their meal, as usual. The pickles were really odd though. I usually love pickles but this one had an odd flavor. Kevin and Allyson loved it though. We asked the waitress and she wasn’t sure what exactly they do to them but she said that they made them at the resort. They tasted kind of like dill but it was almost like they were coated with some kind of seasoning. Maybe some kind of mustard? Anyway…enough of the pickle tangent. Hahaha Point of the story, lunch was great!

We couldn’t go to Beaches and Cream without some dessert. :D Wes and I decided to split the strawberry shortcake and Kevin and Allyson split a strawberry milkshake.

While we were eating, a group ordered the kitchen sink and the lights did their thing. Right before we were brought our dessert, the lights did the same thing so we thought someone had ordered the kitchen sink. Nope…the waitress sounded the alarm because Kevin and Allyson were celebrating their anniversary. :D She brought out their milkshake and a balloon. The waitress was so nice. She offered to take our picture.

Celebration balloon

After lunch we made our way back to Epcot. Kim sent us a text that they should be arriving around 1:15 so we decided to hit up one more attraction before we made our way back to Pop.

Hey there Wes

We figured a quick ride on Living with the Land would be good so we went to the Land.

When we got to Living with the Land, there was the longest wait I’d ever seen for this attraction. We ended up waiting a whopping 9 minutes. Hahaha

It was a nice relaxing ride before our party of 4 turned into a party of 8. While we were making our journey through the Land, Kim sent us a text that they were at the resort. It was now officially time to head back to Pop.

First trash can picture of the trip

Allyson had planned to bring her balloon back to the resort and give it to Rylee. We made it all the way to the bus stop and the balloon came undone from her bag and flew away. :( So sad.

Bye bye balloon



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We got back to the resort and cut through the gift shop. For some reason, Kevin only brought flip flops for the trip. His feet were already hurting so he decided that he needed to buy some other shoes.


We met the rest of our group in the arcade. The girls were so excited to be there! I couldn’t wait to get them to a park. As we were saying hello, I got a text that our room was ready. Kim hadn’t gotten her first text yet to test the system so she went up to the front desk with me to check to see if her room was ready. Sure enough, their room was ready too. Allyson then went to check on her room but no such luck.

We all made our way to our rooms in the 50’s section, Building 2.

We had connecting rooms with Pat, Kim and the girls. We figured that Kevin and Allyson would probably be in one of the rooms next to us. Allyson kept walking to each door and trying her MagicBand to see if it would work. Hahaha It didn’t work but it was worth a shot. We checked out our rooms and I tried to take some pictures while everyone ran around between the two rooms.

King bed. Woo hoo!

I spy a little one in that reflection with me. :)

Oooh connecting rooms

We hung out in our rooms for a little while and helped Pat and Kim bring in their luggage form the car. While we were waiting, our luggage arrived. It’s always a relief when you see that your bags have made it. :D While hanging out in our rooms, Kevin and Allyson got the text that their room was ready and sure enough it was the room right next to Pat and Kim. They dropped their stuff off in their room and we made our way to the parks!

Wes gave Rylee his hat.



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MagicBands unite! :D

We waited for a bus for quite some time. We saw 3 buses for every other park except for DHS. While waiting for the bus, Pat told me that I had 2 red checks; one for the rooms not being ready and one for the long wait for the buses. He was kidding of course but this check system would continue for the rest of the trip. I kept asking him what his system was and he said that he couldn’t tell me. He had to keep me on my toes. Hahaha

A bus finally pulled up for DHS and we were on our way to the park. On our way into the park, Wes went off to Guest Relations to grab some buttons for Emily and Rylee. We got Rylee a first visit button and Emily an “I’m celebrating” button. She asked me what she was celebrating and I told her “being at WDW instead of at school, duh!” :D

I kept contemplating what attraction should be the first one for us to do. I knew Rylee couldn’t do Tower of Terror (too scary) and we had a FP+ for Toy Story later in the evening so I decided that Star Tours would be the best. We used our first FP+ of the trip on Star Tours.

Rylee cheesing it up in her 3D glasses

We were in the very front row of the ride and Rylee decided that she wanted to sit next to her mom and me. That ended up putting right in the center! Hahaha Here was tiny Rylee sitting front row center on her very first attraction in WDW. Priceless!

When we exited the ride, I asked Rylee if she liked it. She said yes but she wouldn’t ride it again. Hahaha Pat gave me a green check mark for this one. (Green was good :D) We still had time to kill before our TSMM FP+ so the Great Movie Ride was our next stop.

I told Rylee that a couple parts of the ride may be a little scary but that I would tell her when to close her eyes. That was my plan with her for this trip. On any ride that I thought might be a little scary, I told her that whenever she got scared, just to close her eyes. I didn’t want any crying due to an attraction this trip. I didn’t want to be one of those guests who forces a kid on a ride as they are crying and freaking out.

Rylee wanted to sit next to me again and it ended up that the two of us were in the front row while everyone else in our group was in the row behind us. The luck of this kid! :D As soon as we got in the Alien scene, I knew that Rylee should close her eyes. That was the one scene I knew she would be scared of. Well, I forgot how many other parts of that attraction can be scary for a 6 year old! At one part she said, “should I close my eyes now” Hahaha Needless to say, she closed her eyes for a lot of the attraction but no tears!

Photo bombed by Wes

It was now time to use our FP+ for TSMM. I was so excited for Pat, Kim and the girls to ride TSMM. It is one of our favorites. We all paired up and it ended up being Rylee and me again. Good thing I like this kid. :p

I asked Rylee to pose in her 3D glasses again and this is what I got.

That kid is crazy.

Rylee did really well! She was so cute, too. Every time she hit a target, she would yell “I got one!” Hahaha

Rylee thought the ride was “awesome” and everyone else really loved it too. Success! I was really at a loss for what we should do next since we still had time before we should get dinner or ride ToT with our FP+. I thought the Animation building might be good. I love the animation class and I knew that some characters would be hanging out.

The animation class was full so I asked if the girls would want to meet some characters. At first I was thinking Sorcerer Mickey but they decided on Wreck it Ralph and Venellope. We got in line and Wes decided he would skip meeting Ralph. Once he left, Kevin and Allyson also decided to pass. So I was left with the girls and Pat and Kim. Kim didn’t want in on the pictures but the rest of us were down for a photo.

I like how the photographers start taking the pictures right when you start interacting with characters. You get some really cute ones.

You can’t even see Rylee behind Ralph



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I show these next pictures because of Pat’s face :D

We met back up with the rest of the group and made our way to Sunset Boulevard to get some dinner. I figured this area would be good since there were several locations to choose from. We got to the seating area and it was really crowded. We split up to try to find a table. I was able to find a nice one but no one saw me. I called Wes and he said that they found a table too so I went to join them. For some reason they picked a table right by the smoking section. Oh well.

Everyone split up to go get food and I sat with Wes and the girls at the table until everyone else got back. Rylee was getting cranky because she was hungry. She kept saying “where’s my food” and throwing herself onto the table. Oh children. Hahaha Wes decided to start taking pictures of her to get her to smile.

It’s starting to work…

Their parents arrived with food and all was right with the world again! I went to Fairfax Fare to get Wes and myself some food.

I took a couple pictures while I waited for the food to be ready.

Wes went with the chili cheese dog and I went with the bbq slaw dog that I also got on my April trip. It was too good not to get again. :D

After dinner, everyone seemed to have new energy. We took a quick bio break and then made our way see some Muppets.

First restroom sign of the trip

More 3D glasses

It was really cool to see the girls enjoy the Muppets. With the new movies, a whole new generation of kids can enjoy these loveable characters. Rylee asked afterwards how they would fix their theater. :D Kids are so smart.

It was time to use our ToT FP+ so we made our way back to Sunset Blvd. Rylee was tall enough to ride but I knew she would be way too scared. Wes was kind enough to sit out with her so the rest of us could ride.

This was an exciting ride for us to take Emily on. On her first trip to WDW when she was 3, every time they passed by the giant ToT billboard, she would say “The Tow-ah of Te-wah”. We have continued to say the attraction that way. Emily probably heard us say that 50 times this day alone. :D But now it was time for her to finally ride “The Tow-ah of Te-wah!” She was a little nervous about it. I kept telling her that it was scary but a fun kind of scary. Pat kept trying to scare her in line, which wasn’t helping. Poor Emily. Hahaha

We’re in the very back row

A close up.

The picture really says it all! :D Emily said she was so scared. I asked her if she would ever want to ride again and she said no. Hahaha We kept talking about how much fun it was and she started to come around. :)

While we were on ToT, Wes took Rylee to get some ice cream from Hollywood Scoops. It was now time for us to line up for the second showing of Fantasmic. We met Wes and Rylee waiting outside the theater. Kevin and Allyson decided that they would skip the show and head back to the resort. It had been a long day so I couldn’t blame them. :)

The show was really crowded but we got really good seats.



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Everyone loved the show. I really like ending the night at the parks with a fireworks show. I think it puts a really nice ending to the night. After Fantasmic, Pat, Kim and the girls were too tired to stay for extra magic hours. They headed back to the resort while Wes and I stayed to enjoy some time alone.

We made our way over to Rock n Roller Coaster and the line was crazy long. We kept contemplating if we should go to TSMM instead. We figured by the time we walked over there and waited in line, it would be just as long. So we stuck it out and waited. I’m glad we did because I love this attraction!

Going with such a large group, it was nice to have some time to ourselves. I really like slowing down in the parks now and when you are with a large group, you can’t stop to take a bunch of pictures or just to take in all the details. This would be a trend during this trip where Wes and I would stay back at the parks while the rest of the group went back to the resort.

So after RnR, we spent some time walking down Sunset Boulevard and making our slow exit out of the park.

Some trash cans and neon signs

At this time, Wes decided to take some pictures of me taking pictures. :D

We didn’t make it until midnight because we were just too tired. We left the park and made our way back to Pop.

We got back to our room and were in bed around midnight. It would be a full day at the parks tomorrow so we needed some sleep. :)


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Looks like a fun group! My H says he'd love to go to Disney with kids just to see their expressions and excitement. One day maybe we'll go with friends and their kids, since having some our own are not in the plans! Beaches n Cream is on our list of places to go next trip looks yummy:). Looking forward to reading more!


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Looking forward to the rest of your report! I am hoping to eat at Beaches and Cream on our trip next fall, looks like it is right up my alley.
Thanks! Beaches and Cream is one of my favorites! Definitely worth a visit. :D

Great start to your report. Love the excitement of the girls! Looking forward to more.
Thanks LisaBelle! It was really neat seeing how excited they were about everything.

Looks like a fun group! My H says he'd love to go to Disney with kids just to see their expressions and excitement. One day maybe we'll go with friends and their kids, since having some our own are not in the plans! Beaches n Cream is on our list of places to go next trip looks yummy:). Looking forward to reading more!
Thanks for reading! We had a lot of fun on this trip. :D I kept telling my husband that one of the reasons I want to have kids is to take them to WDW. Hahaha :p It's not the only reason, of course, but seeing kid's reactions to all of the Disney magic is just so cool. Yes to Beaches and Cream! The atmosphere alone is worth the trip.

My daughter and I have enjoyed reading your trip reports. We have even taken to popping out from behind things for pictures in Disney :)
I'm so glad you have enjoyed reading! Oh, and I love that you all have taken popping out pictures! :D It's fun, isn't it? You'll see a couple popping out pictures later in the trip. :D


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Great start of your report! We had a one day overlap since we arrived on the 17th in Orlando and the 18 was our 1st day at MK! Love your pictures, they feel so familiar for us! Great that you stayed onsite! We will do that some time in the future! The next trip (October '15) will be offsite in a villa again! Can't wait to see more!!


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Great start to the story. Isn't it wonderful when kids get attached and only want to go with you, makes everyone happy that kids can still relate to one special person. Loving all the pictures. Following along.


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I'm really enjoying your TR! The way you are with Rylee is exactly how I am with my baby cousin. I live through her while at Disney :) haha Can't wait to read more!
Thanks for reading! The kids were so cute this trip. It was really fun to go on the attractions with them and see their reactions for the first time. Posting more in a few... :D

Great start of your report! We had a one day overlap since we arrived on the 17th in Orlando and the 18 was our 1st day at MK! Love your pictures, they feel so familiar for us! Great that you stayed onsite! We will do that some time in the future! The next trip (October '15) will be offsite in a villa again! Can't wait to see more!!
Thanks! Too bad we weren't there the same dates. We love staying on WDW property. It's so convenient with the transportation! We drove down in April and still took Disney transportation the majority of the trip. Whenever we drove, we always seemed to get lost. :hilarious: I mostly blame Siri...

Great start to the story. Isn't it wonderful when kids get attached and only want to go with you, makes everyone happy that kids can still relate to one special person. Loving all the pictures. Following along.
Thank you! It was really cute how Rylee rode with me on every attraction that first night. I think she was a little nervous about the attractions at first. As the trip went on, we continued to switch up the pairings for attractions. More report coming now...


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Tuesday October 14th – Two Kingdoms, Lots of Firsts, and Lots of Rain

This morning we were heading to the Animal Kingdom. Our connecting room door was really nice. It was a great way to know if everyone was ready to leave. We were ready to go around 8am and had better luck catching a bus than the night before.

We entered the park and made our way to Asia. I was kind of bummed entering the park and seeing all of the construction walls up. It didn’t look great for our first timers. I know it’s for the betterment of the park, but it still wasn’t a great first impression.

No time to stop for photos so I had to walk and shoot :)

Our first ride this morning was Expedition Everest. The plan was for Wes to sit out with Rylee and for us to get a rider swap ticket. We all got up to the entrance and I looked around for Rylee and Pat. They had stopped behind us and Pat said he would sit out with Rylee. I told them to come over so we could get the rider swap ticket and then Wes was missing. Where did he go? Everyone said he already went into the queue. Pat said he was fine sitting out so we went in. Sure enough, Wes was standing a little ways in to the queue. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was a frustrating start to the day. I didn’t want others to miss out on these attractions that Wes and I have done so many times.

After the initial chaos of entering the queue, we walked on to the ride and had a great time. Emily was so funny when we got to the end of the track. She said “Are we going to go backwards?!” My reply was “Yep!” Hahaha Everyone really enjoyed it.

After we got off the ride, we found Pat and Rylee waiting for us. Pat still needed to ride using the rider swap. Pat entered the line with Emily, Kevin and Wes. They entered the line and ended up using their FP+ instead of the rider swap pass. This was another reason why I wanted it to be Wes or me who stayed out with the rider swap pass. Oh well. Now we knew.

While they were on the ride, I took some pictures.

Hahaha :hilarious: Wes cracks me up on this attraction photos

After they got back, Wes said he didn’t feel well. I knew that he didn’t do well on this ride and again that’s why he was supposed to sit out with Rylee. I’m not sure why he went back on the ride when he knew that he couldn’t ride more than once without getting sick. Boys will never learn…

Next up, we made our way to DinoLand for a ride on Dinosaur. Since Wes wasn’t feeling well, he sat out with Rylee and they rode Triceratops Spin.

Emily was a little nervous about this attraction. I told her just to remember that the dinosaurs weren’t real.

Emily and Pat’s faces are priceless. Needless to say, Emily didn’t want to ride again. Hahaha Once we got out, Wes still wasn’t feeling well. He was sitting on a bench in the shade taking it easy. He said that the Triceratops Spin made him feel even worse. Oh, Wes. Rylee wanted to ride Triceratops Spin again so Emily, Pat and I went with her. Emily liked that ride a lot more than Dinosaur. :D

We still had some time to kill before it was time to use our Safari FP+ so Rylee went on Triceratops Spin again. This time, Allyson went with her. Emily and Pat decided to go on the Primeval Whirl.

It was taking Emily and Pat a really long time on Primeval Whirl so Rylee rode the ride again. Hahaha She really loved that ride! I was glad she found an attraction she really liked since there weren’t many attractions that she could do at AK. Pat and Emily finally got back form the Primeval Whirl and it was time for us to make our way to Africa.



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I told Pat how every time I go to the Africa section of the park, I start singing Toto’s Africa song. For the rest of the trip we would break out singing this song. Pat thought the lyrics were “I guess the rains down in Africa” which gave me a good laugh. We would continue singing it incorrectly just for fun. :D

On our way to Africa, we almost got hit in the head by some macaws. Well, not really but we all ducked thinking they were coming right for us. It was the birds from Winged Encounters.

I was looking forward to seeing the new theater later this afternoon

We were seated in the last two rows of the jeep which allowed for some unobstructed pictures.

Haha a Rhino’s butt (Yes, I’m a child) :D

Everyone really liked the safari. I knew that this would be a good one for Rylee and I was really happy that she enjoyed it. When we got back from our safari, we didn’t have enough time to make it to the Finding Nemo the Musical show. I knew we wouldn’t have time to see it later so we would just have to miss it. Darn.

Next, we went to grab some lunch from Flame Tree Barbecue.

Wes took Rylee to go save us all a table.

The many faces of Rylee :D

Pat got the turkey leg

While at lunch, Kevin, Allyson and Wes decided that they would head back to the resort so they could take Pat and Kim’s car to the grocery store. We wanted to get some waters and granola bars for breakfast. The three of them left and I took Pat, Kim and the girls to It’s Tough to be a Bug. I didn’t think Rylee should go on this one so I volunteered to sit out with her. We wandered around the Discovery Trails while we waited for them.



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We still had a little time before our FP+ for the Festival of the Lion King so we decided to hit up EE one more time. Pat, Emily and I used the single rider line. Emily was a little nervous not sitting with us but she did a great job! She said the man she sat next to was really nice and was telling her to put her hands in the air. :D

It was now time to head to Africa. We took a quick bio break in Asia before we made the long journey.

They all really liked the show. It was now time to make our way back to the resort for a little break.

Mousekeeping are so cute

Tonight Kevin and Allyson were going for an early dinner at California Grill to celebrate their anniversary. The rest of us would be heading to the Magic Kingdom and they would meet up with us later.

When we got to the bus stop, it started to rain. Luckily we brought our ponchos. Wes wanted to stand in the bus line while the rest of us stood under the awning. I put away the DSLR because of the rain so I would be using my phone for a little while.

I caught Wes while he was putting on his poncho

I was really bummed that it was raining. This would be Rylee’s first time seeing the Magic Kingdom so it would have been nice if there were some blue skies. Luckily, the rain didn’t faze Rylee. When she saw the castle for the first time, her jaw dropped. It was so adorable! I wish I had gotten a picture. I did get a cute picture of her and Pat walking down Main Street.

We walked right through the castle and to Under the Sea.

Emily and I paired up, Kim took Rylee and that left Wes and Pat together. :D I wish you could have seen them in their clam shell.

The rain had stopped a little so we decided to go on Dumbo. Wes and Pat sat this one out.

Sure enough as soon as we boarded our elephant, it started to rain again.

We continued our tour of Fantasyland and went in Mickey’s PhilharMagic since the rain was not letting up.

Oh hey Pat!

More 3D fun

It’s always really fun to see someone’s reaction to the 4D effects for the first time. :D

We took a quick bio break at the Tangled restrooms. These are my favorite restrooms ever! We used them every chance we got.

It finally stopped raining! Yay! No more ponchos.



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We made our way to Frontierland to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This would be Rylee’s first ride on a rollercoaster. She was really nervous while we waited but I knew she could do it.

She looks brave in this picture but she was a little scared

Rylee rode between her mom and me behind Emily, Pat and Wes.

I took some selfies before we took off.

More of the many faces of Rylee :D

Well, what did Rylee think of the ride? She thought it was AWESOME! She was so funny. She said “I can’t stop saying it but that was AWESOME!” Hahaha Thank God she liked it!

It was time for some dinner so we went to Pecos Bill. I went with the taco salad and Wes got some chili cheese fries.

While we were eating, Allyson sent me a text saying that they were on their way over. A few minutes later she sent me a picture of the castle and asked how they could find us from there. I gave her directions and we waited for them to meet us. We waited for a while and there was no sign of them. We started to text them but they weren’t answering.

We decided to start walking towards Liberty Square hoping to meet them along the way. The rain was really coming down again so we stood under the awning in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern. Somehow, Kevin and Allyson managed to find us waiting there and they were soaked. They forgot to bring ponchos.

Allyson needed to dry off a little so we went over to the Tangled restrooms. I told you we used them every chance we got. :)

Once we had dried off a little, it was time to ride it’s a small world. :D

I was trying to take a picture of us but I couldn’t get the right angle. Kevin offered to take our picture from the row in front of us and this is what I got. :D

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