News Disney World's latest popcorn bucket release generates queues despite Mobile Order reservation system


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For the record, they're still selling these (at least, they were yesterday and the order window is still there). Four days after they were supposed to end.

Part of me feels like, good. Better to have too much than to run out after a day.

Another part of me feels like Toad just failed a "is there a rabid fanbase we have yet to market towards here?" test.
Crap. I didn't even think to check that. I'm a big toad fan


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Just like Cabbage Patch dolls, Pokémon cards, Beanie Babies, Furbies and the Hess toy trucks that I collect, it’s all supply and demand, capitalism at its best…the trucks that were just released (and currently on sale on their website for 41.99), are on sale on eBay anywhere from list price to $100.00 each. If someone wants it THAT bad, and not willing to wait until the demand and price goes down, well…I won’t begrudge anyone, but it’s kinda foolish…
What cracks me up every time is picturing the mountains of rose gold ears, popcorn buckets and other assorted tchotchkes unceremoneously chucked into hefty garbage bags by the lucky heirs of these "gotta get at any price/camp out overnight" items.


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Starting today, the Mr. Toad popcorn bucket is available in Disney Springs while supplies last -

Next stop, the outlet store?

Does this mean the fantastical popcorn bucket market bubble has finally popped? (pun intended)

Will people be able to just get in line for popcorn at a normal popcorn stand and select the barely-functional novelty bucket that costs three times as much and holds one quarter the amount of popcorn as their option without a three hour wait going forward?

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