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Disney World transportation trading cards


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We just got back from WDW. While we were there, we found out about something that we had never seen or heard of. One morning after having breakfast at the Polynesian, we walked to the bus stop to DHS. While waiting, a Disney cast member asked where we were going. After chatting with him (his name was the same as our youngest son and he was going to the same college that my wife graduated) he kindly gave both of our boys transportation trading cards. Since then each time we boarded a boat, bus or the monorail we asked and were politely given some if the cast members had any. Trying to collect them all become a fun part of traveling around property. We have never seen/heard about these and never saw anyone asking about them. Has anyone else ever heard about these cards. Pictures are below for anyone that would like to collect these on your next visit.
Disney Transportation.jpg
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We got some from a boat captain when we were travelling from Wilderness Lodge to the MK. This was back in 2008. We have forgotten about them on out other trips. We might have to ask this time, that monorail sticker would be great!
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In 2009 we were seriously one of the last people out of Magic Kingdom and one of a handful of people boarding the monorail when a really nice CM gave my daughter a set of the monorail.

This past trip we happened to be only people on our late night bus from DTD when she was given a bus set. :)
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