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Disney World Application On Facebook!!!


The first link worked for me, but the second one did not. I sent you an add request too...look for me on Facebook, name is Raychul Moore. :wave:


There are a few good Disney groups to join! My name is Kym Walker (pic of baby on my facebook page - had her last week and named her Disney!)


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How fun! Thanks for the link, I just added it. I have the Tinkerbell application, where you can send different Tinks to friends. That one is cute too :)


I'll have to check it out when I'm on a computer that doesn't have Facebook blocked...

So does it allow me to send the Carousel of Progress to my slacker friends?


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Yes that is one of them I think there are like 114 and you start with like 12 the more you send the more you earn and naturally you can only send so many in 1 day.


Yet another reason to join Facebook one of these days!!! I'm on MySpace, but I haven't gotten around to opening a Facebook account yet.:eek:


Cool. I added it, but so far I have only sent one Cinderella's castle. I guess I need to send more so I can earn more.


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Thanks for sharing. I've started annoying people with it already. haha
You can find my facebook under the name Deirdre Barnefiher.

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